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Guest Blogger: Adding Functional Space to Your Kitchen Pantry

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2641, July 11, 2013 .

A kitchen pantry is often added to a kitchen to increase the storage space. However, the pantry is also needed to be cleaned, organized, straightened, and spruced in order to make the space more functional. Here is given some pantry makeover ideas that will help you with the storage of your kitchen.

kitchen pantry ideas

Kitchen pantry ideas

Image via: Mark WIlliams Design Associates

Choose a Functional Design

The design of your pantry plays big role in adding functionally to your kitchen storage space. Walk-in closets and pantries are popular choices but some pantries can be super functional without being the walk-in variety. Instead of a walk-in pantry, you can use a closet that is reasonably wide and only a couple of feet deep or you can go for an open floor-to-ceiling pantry type that can offer a quick view of what is in stock and can store a lot of items. To get the maximum storage space from the pantry, its design should be based on the available kitchen space and the type of things you are going to store in it. If you live in a smaller home – a closet can be converted into a pantry and separated with accordion doors to hide pantry items and to provide versatility & separation of areas.

Add Drawers, Shelves, or Racks

Pantries are good for storing bulkier items like plastic storage containers or paper towels. However, not all the things you store in the pantry will be of same size. Some things are likely to be quite small than the standard size. So, for the smaller loose items, consider adding a few drawers. One or two racks or mini-shelves can be added to keep the spice cans organized.

kitchen pantry organization

kitchen pantry organization

Image via: Schappacher White Architecture D.P.C.

Use Storage Gadgets

One effective way to make your available space more functional is to add storage gadgets and devices. Accessories like baskets, spice racks, drawers, tray dividers, etc. can keep your pantry ordered. Use bins to keep lax items together. Use pull out shelves to access the back area of deep shelves and access the corner areas by installing Lazy Susans. To maximize storage, you can also use shelves on the backs of pantry doors. However, before purchasing, be sure what add-ons will fit your pantry closet design. If you share a space with a roommate consider personalizing your storage gadgets with labels on built-in shelving, wire shelving, rubber bins/drawers and use accordion room dividers to separate individuals items from other roommates.

kitchen office bifold doors

Kitchen office bifold doors – create an office from an unused pantry or closet

Image via: Bess Jones Interiors

These ideas will hopefully make your pantry more obtainable, practical, and functional and help you to get an organized and beautiful food storage area.
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