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How to Make an Easy DIY Tufted Headboard

 Entry #2612, July 3, 2013

For most of us, there will be a few weekends this summer when it’s just a little too hot to head outside and work in the yard.  For those few days you’ll spend indoors, turn your attention to your own bedroom (or guest room) and update your headboard with an DIY project: an upholstered, tufted version for less than $100.  This writer put the project off because it seemed too time-consuming, but now I know it’s an afternoon job that has a huge style impact.

Purple Tufted Headboard

Purple Tufted Headboard

Image via: Freshome Design

You’ll need:

  • MDF board cut to size by your local hardware store
  • Foam mattress toppers (you can use regular foam, but mattress toppers are available at Walmart for a fraction of the price)
  • Cotton batting to wrap the MDF and foam
  • 2-3 yards of your fabric choice, and a half-yard for buttons
  • A button cover kit (from your local craft store)
  • Decorator’s needle and thread

I chose a neutral, woven fabric for the board and a one with snippets of random text for the 8 buttons on my queen-sized bed. The best part of a custom headboard is choosing exactly what works for your room.  Iron out the fabric and lay flat.  If you plan to shape the top of the headboard (I left mine square), draw a stencil on wax paper and trace your design before cutting.  Measure and drill a hole where each button will be.  Cut the foam to lay on the front of the board, then use a staple gun to secure the cotton batting around the foam and onto the back of the headboard.  Repeat with your fabric, and you have an upholstered headboard!

A close up of the author's headboard

A close up of the author’s headboard

Image via: Jenna Gipson

If you plan to use buttons, follow the kit directions to make your buttons and use the needle and thread to go through your pre-drilled holes, thread the button, then pull taut before securing with another staple.  The buttons can be in the same color as the body cloth, but this is a great place to add some fun contrast to match your bedding!

Yellow Tufted Headboard

Yellow Tufted Headboard

Image via Pinterest 

If your bed isn’t a low platform bed like mine, use D-rings or a French cleat to secure the headboard to the wall.  Safety first!  Coordinate your bedding, curtains, and accents for a room that makes you look like a pro in no time.

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  1. Kelly Miranda

    Such a great idea. Very creative. One of my friends told me about doing something similar to this a while back and I always wanted to be crafty and try it out.

    By the way, I get all of my buttons from M&J Trimming because they have such a wide/great selection. You should totally check them out since they’re having an awesome discount right now- 15% off all buttons until 8/31/13. The promo code is: BUTTON201 and the link is:

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great holiday!

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