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Learn from the Past: Has the History of Interiors Influenced Trends?

 Entry #2637, July 10, 2013

During the creation and evolution of the architecture and design, there have been many great periods. Such as the Neoclassical Period, Industrial Revolution Period, the Colonial Period, etc.  Each of these periods from history brought a mixture of difference and originality to whatever time they were created.  They introduced their own specialty design that stuck out and influenced all of humanity thereafter.  I say this because of the variety of genres that each period holds you might like incorporating those styles within your own home. So take a look and see which periods you might enjoy.

Art Deco Period (1920-1939)

Learn from the Past

Art Deco Interiors

Image via: Behance

The Art Deco period was created, like most periods, in Europe.  It was glamorous yet had simplistic features.  Often there would be complex details on the walls, ceilings or chandeliers however the furniture pieces would consists of straight lines or geometric shapes.  Also the fan shape was extremely popular during this era. This period carried the phrase “Bold and Beautiful” to the match and there has never been another like it.  Many a great films (Midnight in Paris) and books (The Great Gatsby) have expounded on this period for all to see.

Baroque Period  (1600-1760)

Learn from the Past

Baroque Interiors

Image via: Tumblr

When the Baroque period comes up think of Marie Antoinette. This is another period that was started in Europe and made its way across the globe.  The Baroque Period had a lot of curves, dramatic details  within the furniture and accent pieces, illusionistic paintings on the walls, and gilding on the walls and furniture (the application of this sheets of gold onto a surface), etc.  This period was very  extravagant and intricate due to the fact it was for the more wealthy of the bunch.  The baroque and rococo periods were luxurious periods that amaze all who discover them.

Spanish Colonial Period (1492-1850)

Learn from the Past

Spanish Colonial Inspired Interiors

Image via: Homedit

The Spanish Colonial period interiors were centered around religion and family.  So the structure strongly resembled the church interiors at the time.  Wooden floors were the widespread for the Spanish Colonial period, and after a while tiled flooring came into play.  Spanish colonial interiors will usually have bright colors to highlight the openings as well as niches and stencil designs.  Straight wooden legged and lined furniture was popular within the Spanish colonial homes and having spices/herbs hanging about in the kitchen.  Again, you would get a mix of Spain and America rolled into one.

Gothic Period (12 Century-16 Century)

Learn from the Past

Gothic Period Interiors

Image via: Green Tones

The Gothic Period was originated in Europe and began during the medieval period and arose from the Romanesque architecture.  This period created a major change within the area it originated in, and later on turned into the renaissance movement.  The gothic period carried many skilled architects who played with the dramatics of crafts and were breaking away from the traditional, so freedom of design was apparent.  Details are essential from the furniture to the exterior walls you get a wide variety.  The gothic period is very eclectic and out of the box however there is an order and structure to what was created.  The works are powerful but not overwhelming to the eye.

These are only a few of the many periods that helped to shape and mold our way of design life. As you can see each period influenced us in some way, so let’s learn from the past and bring it remolded it back into our home lives.  Look them up and create!

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