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Looking to Move? 3 of the Best Summer House-Hunting Tips

 Entry #2618, July 5, 2013

According to real estate experts, July and August are two of the best months of the year to buy a house since prices usually drop after the spring buying season.  If you are looking for a new home, maximize your good timing by following these tips!  Purchasing a home should be an exciting time, but visiting listing after listing gets overwhelming if you aren’t ready for the experience.

Front Door

Ensure you have a welcoming front door

Image via: Pinterest

Do your Homework for What Homebuyers are Looking for

Remember the days of research for school projects?  Put those skills back to use and do your homework.  If you are planning for a day of showings, arm yourself with the MLS listing for each one you plan to see, if possible.  In advance, have a list of needs, a list of wants, and a list of disadvantages.  You’ll be able to evaluate homes with a much more objective standard if you can compare each one against values you have already set.

Don’t just look for similar homes in your price range; know what different price points will buy.  That way you can spot a good deal the moment you notice some extra amenities that normally come with a higher price tag.

Think Like a Boy Scout

Be prepared!  This is by far the best way to minimize the stress of buying a home.  Don’t leave home without a camera (one with video capabilities is even better), notepad and pen, comfortable shoes, and snacks.  Yes, snacks.  You’ll be glad for the energy boost halfway through the hunt!

house exterior idea

house exterior idea

Image via: John Kraemer & Sons

Map the Hunt

You may know where each house is, but do you know how to look at them?  Walk through the house to get an idea of the layout and quickly determine if it’s a contender.  If it is, go through each room methodically, checking the same things in each one: fixtures, wall and flooring quality, amenities, etc.  Take photos, or bring a trusty companion (who won’t try to influence your opinions) to document important features.  As soon as you leave, while the impressions are still fresh, make notes of anything that stood out.  Don’t bother to do this while you are still inside, you’ll be too busy writing to look around.  You will leave all the information you need to feel confident and organized during the peak-buying season!

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