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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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Olioboard Inspiration: Summer Backyard Wedding Inspiration

Entry #2645, July 12, 2013

Today we continue Stagetecture’s feature ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘. Last week you enjoyed – ‘Wimbledon’s Tennis Inspired Interiors ‘ from Sam Holloway and this week I bring you a summer backyard wedding inspiration. Natalie Hawkes is a member of the Facebook Olioboard Fan Room and I asked her to inspire us with a backyard wedding scene. Summer is the perfect time to bring nature and outdoor weddings together!

If you’re interested in being featured see details here: How to be featured on Stagetecture’s Olioboard Inspiration‘ series.

Olioboard Inspiration #24

‘Summer Backyard Wedding Inspiration ’ –  Natalie Hawkes

Hosting a wedding reception can be difficult so why not take the stress out of the planning by hosting your special day in your backyard. You could create a beautiful outdoor setting with any size garden.

Olioboard_Stagetecture Backyard wedding

Start by creating a central walk path that could be planked by large rocks, bushes, varies flowers and plants… at the end of the path add a trellis as your focal point for the perfect spot for vows to be exchanged, this item can easily be acquired at any local home improvement store. Generously decorate your trellis by draping it with ribbons and beaded swags in your color theme, and add real and artificial plants such as roses and vines that can be intertwined within the frame. Surround the focal point with live plants in urns displayed at different heights to create drama.

Color ideas for a summer wedding

In this design board the color theme is that of red, green and gold. The green is displayed through the grass and creeping ivy along the back wall. The red is showcased in the beautiful rosé bushes planted in urns on both sides of the garden creating balance and symmetry. The gold and other rustic colors are displayed in quirky characteristics around the garden area, such as a small water feature made from a barrel and antique water pump.

Personalizing with creative outdoor decor

Personalized matching watering cans with the bride and grooms name on it can be displayed to signify the couple’s love of gardening, and tie into the color theme. A wall plaque and beautifully handmade bird house can be providing homely feel whilst some words of wisdom are left to those needing gardening advice. A small row of fairy lights enhance the backdrop as dusk closes in on the intimate setting.

Wrought iron chairs with red seating cushions are the perfect seats to watch a young couple take their vows. They can also be folded away once the dancing begins.


I began studying Interior Design in the summer of 2012. Interior Design has always been one of my passions. Having undertaken projects in my mine and family members homes I was finally going to study it and gain a qualification. My other love is fashion; I spend a lot of time sourcing ideas and items on the web.  After playing around with collages combining fashion and interiors I was encouraged by a friend to combine the two and came up with my own brand called “Fashion Meets Interior”.    I have clients select an item of clothing, a color, and room, then source their outfit and design a room with the use of Olioboard . You can view me at Facebook . You can see my Olioboards  and follow me on Twitter @interiorfash .


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  1. connie parker

    This is fabulous! I can’t wait to see your twitter postings Natalie! So enjoy these Ronique!

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