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Packing Essentials for your Summer Family Camping Trip

Entry #2604, July 1, 2013

Planning a camping trip can be challenging, especially if you are travelling with children. Safety being your priority you would want your new campers to have a good time. So what should you pop-in your travel bags in order to make your experience memorable for all right reasons?  Don’t fear, we have got your covered. Here is a list of few most important things to pack for a family camping trip.

Packing Essentials for your Summer Family Camping Trip

kids summertime camping

Campfires, camping and summertime fun!

Image via: Martha Stewart

First aid kit

Band-aids, ace bandages, and antiseptics come in handy for common cuts, blisters, and scrapes. Also, make sure to pack a complete supply of any medications your little ones may need for summers. Purchase a good first aid kit from a camping supply store and stay prepared for any outdoor medical emergency.

Healthy snacks

With all the activities your family would be doing on the camping trip, they will definitely work up an appetite. So, make sure to pack a lot of tasty, healthy snacks. Stock up the ones that provide energy, instead of those sugary sweets that will undoubtedly result in a crash. The best ones includes nuts, peanut butter sandwiches, fresh and dried fruits, and, trail mix. Also, as staying hydrated is equally important, do pack plenty of drinks like fruit juice, lemonade, and water.

packing ideas for camping

packing ideas for camping

Image via: Pinterest

Flashlight or lantern

Pack enough flashlights or battery operated lanterns to help your family members see in the dark and get rid of nighttime anxieties, if any. It’s also essential for the safety reasons and will help your child feel secure in the unfamiliar darkness. Don’t forget to pack extra set of batteries for each flashlight.

Create memories

camping ideas for family party

Camping ideas to create memories

Image via: Pinterest

Family camping trips are the best opportunity to capture those wonderful moments. Beautiful natural scenery provides a picture perfect background for those candid shots or posed portraits. If you are a regular camper or hope to head out in the wilderness again, consider investing in a quality digital camera. Water and shock resistant camera will be ideal for outdoors.

Packing wisely is one-step forward towards a memorable and successful camping experience. Hopefully, these tips will help you get ready for fun and safe summer camping trip.

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