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Top 11 Home Designing Trends of 2013

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2646, July 12, 2013

Home designs are constantly changing. In order to keep up a stylish home both inside and out, it’s important to stay on top of the latest home designing trends. Check out the following popular design ideas for 2013.

1. Brass Decor

Brass decor helps spice up any space, no matter if you’re going for a traditional or a modern look. It delivers a warm feeling to each room, giving homeowners a simple solution for making their home feel a bit more homey. To stick with this year’s trend, search for antique bronze pieces.

brass decor ideas

Brass decor ideas

Image via: by Mirage Floors

2. Natural Wood Decor

Along with antique furniture and neutral shades, people are bringing natural wood into the home. From hardwood floors to natural wood furniture, this material makes for beautiful decor. Couple wood pieces with neutral colors for a calm-feel in your home.

3. Screened Porches

Screened porches are climbing their way to the top of the home trends’ list. They offer the outdoor feel without having to live with the bugs and wildlife. You can relax in the sun, cook over a fireplace, and dine in your screened porch while enjoying the splendor of the outdoors from the comforts of your porch.

screened porches idea

screened porches idea

Image via: Flickr by jdn

4. Stripes

Most people don’t want to live in a boring atmosphere, and a dully designed home is just that. Instead, people are looking for more dynamic home decor, and they’re turning to stripes to help get the job done. Whether it’s striped walls, artwork, or furniture, stripes are quickly becoming a favorite design trend.

5. Antique Furniture

People are turning to antique furniture because it’s cheap, stylish, and artistic. Homeowners love the more personalized, homey-feel of this furniture and are picking up antique dressers, tables, and chairs at auctions across the country. Plus, many people enjoy restoring antique furniture, making their home decor more personalized while engaging in a fun hobby.

6. Bright Walls

With HD TVs and high-definition computers, our eyes are constantly being exposed to bright colors. And, our eyes want more of it. This year, countless people will turn to home improvement stores and pick up the brightest colors in the aisle to spice up their home and bring in more bright, happy colors.

bright walls ideas

Bright walls ideas

Image via Flickr: by Little Greene Paint Company


7. Vintage Exterior

Vintage homes have always been a beautiful home decor choice, and they still are. Designers and homeowners alike love the look of a vintage home. Real estate brokers like Nostalgic Homes in Denver can help you find a neighborhood and a home with a vintage exterior.

8. DIY Artwork

Houses are more than just a living space. People want their house to become a home, a place that shows their personality and helps them relax in comfort. With do-it-yourself projects, people are finding that you can easily display your personality with the work you put into your home. Homeowners create artwork for their walls, build their own furniture, repurpose objects, and take on various other projects to make their home their own.

9. Neutral Shades

Didn’t I just tell you that bright colors were the new “in” thing to do? Yes, but neutrals are quickly making their way into the home as well. Both are popular trends now. For a timeless look that you could probably live with forever, neutrals are the way to go this year. Stick with white, brown, black, or gray shades.

neutral shades ideas

Neutral shades ideas

Image via: Coco+kelley


10. Green Accents

We’re not sure exactly what it is about the color green — perhaps it’s the natural feel of the color found so commonly outdoors — but everyone seems to want green accents this year. Pantone named emerald-green the color of the year, for everything from fashion to home decor, so don’t be afraid to spice up your home with green accent walls, pillows, or artwork.

11. Downsizing

The last top trend that people are starting to love are smaller homes. People are quickly realizing that they don’t need a huge home to stay comfortable, and designers are creating smaller homes for these people. Along with this, people are starting to downsize their furniture and buy items that serve a dual function, such as coffee tables that convert into dining room tables.

Now that you have some excellent home designing ideas, start decorating! What are is your favorite home decor trend?

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