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Weekend Travel: How to Make the Most of a Family Staycation

Entry #2649, July 13, 2013

A staycation will undoubtedly save a lot of money of yours but it is also appealing in other ways too. Staying at home during this summer vacation will also spare you from the hazards of driving hundreds of miles, hand-washing clothes and dishes, or spending tons of money as the fare of a luxurious hotel. Check these ideas to make you home vacation enjoyable and attractive.

Staycation is the opportunity to spend quality times with your family.

Staycation is the opportunity to spend quality times with your family.

Image via: Israel Smith

Pretend to Be on a Real Vacation

While in staycation, some people do not bother setting aside a budget or taking leave from their works. But, it is very important to treat it like a real vacation. Let your family and friends know that you are going on a vacation. Avoid using gadgets and checking emails during vacation-related activities. Budget a small amount for a few meals out, gas for day trips, and other incidentals. Invest some dollars to make your home like a hotel and indulge on garden and cleaning services to get yourself rid of regular household chores.

camping in backyard

Camping in backyard – what a great idea!

Image via:  Pinterest

Create the Feeling of a Vacation

Using cheery and comfy accessories can add fun and relaxation into your staycation. Vacation is mostly about passing idle times in the most enjoyable ways. So, buy a hammock to sleep or to pass idle time with a book, a tubtrug filled with cool water to comfort your feet, a tepee for your kids, one or two tree swing, and a swing chair to relax and thereby creating a holiday feel in your back garden. Buy beach pillows and cushions and create a beach impression on your couch.

Create a hotel room feeling in your bedroom.

Create a hotel room feeling in your bedroom.

Image via: Apartment Therapy

Explore Local Treasures

Staycation gives you a chance of exploring your local treasures. If you have kids, raid the local planetariums, observatories, zoos, botanical gardens, aquariums, and museums. These will be the exciting ways to teach your kids about art, science, sports, history, animal world, and aviation. These places arrange for separate programs for preteens and teenagers too. Local beach, community swimming pools, or water parks will be soothing options in these hot summer days. Besides being entertaining to the kids, these places are suitable for family trips too.

Party, Party, & Party

If you want, you can plan for different themed parties for every evening of your staycation. Enjoy a pizza night with some easy recipes, host a neighborhood get-together, plan for a Mexican patio party with flavorful foods, or just go for a TV night while throwing a simple cocktail party for friends and family.

Host a pizza night with your near and dear ones.

Host a pizza night with your near and dear ones.

Image via: Huffington Post

Staycation might not have been popular during the days of cheap air travel and booming economy. However, if you can plan it well, it can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you chance to spend intimate time with your family and explore your locale like a tourist.

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