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10 Top Tips for Getting your Garden Ready for Autumn

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2738, August 12, 2013 

Although we are all busy enjoying the summer in all its glory, now is the time to get your garden ready for autumn. Summer is the time of the year where the garden will get the most use. In order for us to enjoy this every year, we have to keep it well maintained throughout all the seasons. Autumn is just around the corner, below are ten top tips to get your garden ready.

1. Assess your garden

Have a good look around your garden. You cannot get a plan in place if you don’t know what needs doing. Make sure you cover the entire garden and make note of anything that requires attention.

autumn outdoor landscaping ideas

autumn outdoor landscaping ideas

Image via: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

2. Luscious lawn:

Everyone wants the perfect lawn, now is the time to prepare in order to ensure a positive result. Use an Autumn lawn fertiliser from your local DIY store. This will be high in phosphates & potash. This will help develop strong roots and create a nice and healthy lawn. Always follow the instruction on the back of the box for application and watering guidelines.

3. Plant spring bulbs:

Mid October is the best time to plant your spring bulbs which include tulips and daffodils. This is the best time before the ground starts to get hard and freeze.

4. Decking care:

If you are lucky enough to have some decking now is the time to give it some care and attention. Summer is the best time to paint your decking in order to make it look fantastic and protect it in Autumn and Winter. It would be recommended to give the decking a coat of Ronseal decking stain which waterproofs, adds UV protection and protects against cracking and blistering.

autumn landscaping ideas

Autumn landscaping ideas

Image via: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

5. Preparing winter vegetation:

Everyone loves a parsnip and leek in there stew for the colder nights. Now is the time to start preparing your crop. Once planted, add generous amounts of mulch around them in order to protect them when the temperature drops.

6. Be cautious with pruning:

Some people will start pruning in Autumn but many garden experts would recommend not to do this. The main issue is that pruning promotes growth, this is what you want to prevent going into colder months. Most plants stay at their best when they are dormant in winter.

7. House plants:

Now is also the perfect time to fertilise your house plants. It would be recommended to use a balanced fertiliser and also give them a good shower. Most house plants don’t like drafts so always bear that in mind.

autumn foliage

10 ways to prepare your garden for autumn

Image via: Alderwood Landscaping

8. Wooden garden furniture:

Autumn is known for been rather wet, now is the time to protect your wooden garden furniture. Start by giving them a coat of Ronseal teak oil which penetrates the wood and replaces all the oils that are lost though weathering. It is then wise to cover them with a thick protective sheet or move them into a dry area such as a shed.

9. Watch out for bugs:

This is when the bugs will come out to play and feed on your prized collection of plants. Make sure you check all the plants and deal with the bugs accordingly.

10. Wonderful wildlife:

Last but no means least fill up your bird feeder. Autumn can be a tough time for wildlife as well, so do your bit to help them out!

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