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3 Fun Ideas for your Labor Day Weekend

Entry #2798, August 30, 2013

As Labor Day weekend is just knocking at your door, most of the people have become busy planning barbecue party or weekend camping. Others may have been concentrating on decorating their home and yards with blue, white, and red and cooking up feasts. Check out some food and fun ideas for your Labor Day party:

grilled bratwurst

Grilled bratwurst is the perfect meal for Labor Day!

Image via: Backyard City

1. Celebrate with a Cook Out

Labor Day party is a good occasion to say a proper goodbye to the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits of the summer season. Throw on the grill whatever you can – juicy berries, sweet corn, sun-kissed tomatoes, and summertime favorites like ribs, steaks, lobster, or anything else.

Bratwurst – The German heritage food is an all-time hit and tastes even more delicious when hot off the grill. Bratwursts, fresh buns, various toppings, and ketchup will make a killer combination. You can spice up the dish by serving it with pickles, savory mustard sauce, and caramelized onions.

Fruits & Vegetable – Grilled fruits and vegetable will make great Labor Day menu items. You can use them for making salads, desserts, and drinks too. For example, you can use the most popular tropical fruits banana to make a tasty salad item. Prepare this item by mixing up mashed bananas, chopped cherries, drained pineapple, sour cream, lemon juice, sugar, and whipped topping.

Try the Red Berry Sangria Recipe on Stagetecture, here.

It will look good if the food items reflect the colors of Labor Day.

Try a gorgeous red drink for the holiday

Image via: Foodily 

2. Fun Activities

A Labor Day party will remain incomplete without some gaming activities for both adults and kids. Letting the kids to choose their own games will be most fun and less stressful. However, organized group activities will not be a bad idea too.

Games – Games are a very good way to create a festive mood. Any type of games like horseshoes, badminton, scrabble puzzle, softball, volleyball, making bubbles, or just playing with balls will allow everyone to have great summertime fun.

Camping & Hiking – Camping trips and day hikes are popular Labor Day activities. Pile the necessary stuffs into a few cars and take your guests to the desired place. Everyone should bring their own food and drinks in such trips. However, each of the hikers can bring a separate item and share with others.

Hiking, biking, or camping will be a great way to enjoy the day.

Hiking, biking, or camping will be a great way to enjoy the day.

Image via: Rocky Mountain Blue

3. Arts & Crafts – You can ask every guest to show off his/her hobbies. They can display whatever they are good at – dancing, singing, rapping, acting, mimicking, miming, etc. You can also arrange for small competitions like a drawing competition in which the best drawing will be rewarded. The Labor Day is often considered as the last chance to say goodbye to the long and lazy days of summer by partying out or making any outdoor activity. Make your last minute summer memories fun and pleasurable so that you can wind up the season with a smile on your face.

For more Labor Day holiday ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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