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3 Must-Have Decor Fall Trends Reinvented for 2013

 Entry #2742, August 13, 2013

As the final days of summer approach and the kids’ bags are packed for school, interior trends are showing a homey, warm feel with a few surprises.  There is a distinct resurfacing of some older trends from decades past.  Don’t panic at the thought of your childhood fashions coming back to haunt you, though: these looks are innovative updates that use dated styles in a perfectly fresh way.


To really understand why brass is back, it’s important to look at the context where it’s used.  Following several years of extremely minimalist contemporary designs loaded with chrome, the new contemporary looks a little more aged and organic.  No doubt growing from the green, eco-friendly movement, this warm and recycled look uses natural materials.  Brass, once a shiny staple in 1980’s hardware; is back in a more subdued, distressed form and extends beyond fixtures and into case goods like occasional tables.

Brass is back this fall in rich, distressed hues

Brass is back this fall in rich, distressed hues

Image via Jonathan Adler

Classic Tapestry

Elle Décor declares that tapestry is “having its moment in the 21st century” and they are spot on.  The heavy weaves and intricate patterns balance the clean lines of today’s furniture design, and evoke the exotic mystique of travel.  From knights in shining armor to luxurious palaces in the Far East, tapestries have a rich history to contribute to modern style.  Find it in rugs, wall hangings, pillows, drapes, or accent upholstery for a little splash of ancient adventure.

Tapestry doesn't look old-fashioned when used with modern decor!

Tapestry doesn’t look old-fashioned when used with modern decor

Image via Treehouse

Period Furniture

At this point, recycled antique furniture shouldn’t surprise you as a fall trend.  Not only is it in keeping with the lived-in feel of the moment, but it’s also easy on the budget.  A high-quality chest of solid wood is an expensive purchase unless it happens to be secondhand.  As auctions gain popularity with the same speed of the DIY community, antiques are a viable, high-quality option that’s high on personality and the restoration vibe.  An accent piece or two with unusual lines will actually contribute visual interest and modernism by adding contrast and a study in form to a blank wall or a crisp sofa.

This armoire adds to the whimsical look of the mixed styles

This armoire adds to the whimsical look of the mixed styles

Image via: Lonny

These trends may have caught you by surprise, but hopefully you’ll see that with a little bit of reinventing these old styles will look anything but dated in your own home!

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