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Creative Ideas for Labor Day Late-Summer Family Activities

Entry #2783, August 26, 2013

Labor Day Weekend is almost here – who can believe how the summer has flown by? Before the beginning of summer, people often wonder how to pass the long summer days but when the vacation arrives, it seems to fly by. If you still have not done half of your planned activities or if you are still energetic to engage yourself in some late summer and fall activities, check out these Labor Day Weekend ideas:

labor day porch decorations

How will you spend your Labor Day weekend?

Image via: Top Dreamer

Have Fun with Your Kids

Engage your children in washing the household items can be a good way to keep them busy. They will enjoy it too because that task will allow them playing with water and children, undoubtedly, love water. A garden hose and liquid dish soap will be needed to do the job. You can tell them to wash pet carriers, pet cages, shovel, plastic garbage cans, plastic recycle boxes, etc. After completing the work, reward your children with a small payment. It will make them enthusiastic.

Keep your children busy with some fun activities.

Keep your children busy with some fun activities.

Image via: Mommyish

Enjoy Garage Sales & Vintage Sales

Garage sales are attractive to both adults and kids. Plenty of garage sales are held in the suburbs over the late summer weekends. Digging into garage sales is fun where you will find games, toys, DVDs, comics, books, and different household items. You will have good times by looking into the items and testing your art of bargaining.

Camping in the backyard can be exciting and fun.

Camping in the backyard can be exciting and fun.

Image via: Explore Meadow Brook

Camp Out in the Backyard

It is not always possible to go to a forest area for camping. Do not worry! Choose your backyard as your camping ground. It may not give you the feeling of camping in a forest or a remote spot, but it will surely be funnier and cheaper. Invite your friends, pitch a tent, light a campfire, arrange for a small barbecue, catch some fireflies, tune to a guitar, and enjoy the starry night!

camping outdoors idea

Camping outdoors idea

Image via: Blissful B Blog

Creative  Games

Contriving games can be a great way to spend time for both you and your children. The great aspect of this fun activity is that the materials needed for it can be easily found around the house. You can make nice, fun games by using materials like markers, small paper cups, washable glue, string, duct tape, cardboard boxes, various-sized balls, paper rolls, etc. Make the task funnier by competing with your kids. Arrange for a reward for the person who can make the highest number of games.

Make a Recipe with your Family

Cooking is a great way to pass leisure time. It is such an act that you can do alone or involve your entire family. The fun will increase manifold if you can involve your kids into it. Children will enjoy measuring, pouring, mixing, and kneading things in the kitchen. Making ice cream or cupcakes and eating them together will be a lot of fun.

Children will love giving a hand in cooking.

Children will love giving a hand in cooking.

Image via: Cafe Mom

With school still weeks away, parents and even children too can get tired of long summer days in August. So, you can try out the above mentioned easy and offbeat activities that do not require much money.

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