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DIY Saturday #160 – Late-Summer Landscaping Tips (Video)

Entry #2778, August 24, 2013


Happy DIY Saturday! Now that late-summer is set upon us – don’t think you can forget about your garden and landscaping. From trees and shrubs to simple themes to adding decorative outdoor handcrafted products to your late-summer home.  Watch a video on choosing the right trees and shrubs for your home and then look at these creative trends for your outdoor home.

autumn landscaping trees

How will you landscape your autumn home

Image via: Lori Scott Landscape

Video – Choosing trees and shrubs for landscaping

Link to Video –> Choosing trees and shrubs for landscaping

Late summer ideas for your outdoor home

Late summer is probably the best  season to work on your landscaping. The abundance of sunlight makes it favorable for plants to grow. It is also the time when the climate is so vibrant that you can showcase your landscape to your guests. Well, summer won’t be known for outdoor season for nothing.

autumn landscaping tips trees

Autumn landscaping tips trees

Image via: Mary Prince

Enhancing your outdoor landscape isn’t an easy task. You can’t do it overnight. Landscaping needs thorough planning to have a desirable output. You have to know which one works for your area.

Outdoor Late Summer Landscaping Tips

To help you out on your landscape, check out these 3 outdoor trends for your summer landscaping:

  • Go for energy efficient automation

Almost everything today are automated. So, why not try it in your landscape. You can install an automated lighting system, water sprinklers and  many more. Automation doesn’t only take your routine tasks but also save your power consumption. For instance, you don’t have to worry about not turning your lights off when you wake up late, automation can do it for you. Isn’t that cool?

late summer container garden

Choose an overall theme for your late-summer gardening

Image via: Autumn Skies Landscapes

  • Work on themes

A theme design works perfectly in any home setting. This idea works in various ways. You can setup your outdoor landscape way ahead of your planned summer party.  You can work on a theme that complements your party like a fairy tale, superheroes or any theme that  you think of. But even if you will not host a party, themed design is a perfect choice.

late summer landscaping ideas

Late summer landscaping ideas

Image via: Autumn Skies Landscapes

  • Choose handcrafted products

If you’re looking for unique designs and eco-friendly, this one is perfect for you. Handcrafted decorations are typically made of recycled or eco-friendly materials. The majority of the process in making these products are by hand. You can be sure that each product is designed and made by skilled craftsmen. You will be amazed at how these products transform your landscape into a natural work of art.

Any of these landscape ideas will definitely turn your outdoor landscape into a picturesque view. It’s just a matter of implementing  the summer landscape that fits your preference.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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