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Easy Green Living Tips for your Autumn Home

Entry #2776, August 23, 2013

The bright sunny days of summer are coming to an end. Finally, the time has come to put away the summer clothes, leave the fun of outdoors, and enjoy the warmth and comfort of indoors this autumn. Take a look at how you can spend your autumn season with an eco-friendly approach while still keeping your green living lifestyle in check.

Preserving fruits and vegetables

Preserving fruits and vegetables

Image via: The Kitchn

Preserve Your Garden Produce

You can buy everything from grocery stores these days but canning some garden produce is a big step toward a healthy lifestyle. The fruits and vegetables produced in your backyard garden during the summer can be processed and preserved in this way and eaten throughout the fall. These homemade canned products, which are free from preservations and chemicals used in commercially produced foods, will be ideal for families keen to green living.

Buy Eco-Friendly Items

Another good approach to green living is to buy eco-friendly furniture, accessories, fabrics, and other things for your home. Things made of plastic and synthetic fibers are not eco-friendly and not recyclable. On the other hand, wood-made items are not easily renewable. However, many companies make furniture pieces and accessories of high-grade corrugated fiberboard, which is an eco-friendly material. On the other hand, bamboo is a great environmental friendly material that is reusable and can be used for making room partitions, blinds, flooring, canopy, etc.

Try to reuse the furniture by transforming them into something else like this bookcase-turned-laundry station.

Try to reuse the furniture by transforming them into something else like this bookcase-turned-laundry station.

Image via: BHG

Recycle, Reuse, and Donate Furniture

Recycling and reusing are two major aspects of green living. They save both the environment and your purse. For the upcoming fall season, you can take preparation by recycling and reusing your furniture. Add new dimension to your home by buying some beautiful vintage furniture pieces from thrift stores. Try to use the furniture that you do not need any more for other purposes. For example, you can easily covert an unnecessary bookcase to a kitchen cupboard, a drinks cabinet, or a laundry station. You can also donate the totally unnecessary items to thrift shops or the Salvation Army. This green approach will cost you almost nothing.

Decorate with Natural Elements

Fall season is the time for fresh fruits and foliage of diverse colors. Use these items to decorate your home without spending on costly accessories made of materials harmful to the environment. Colorful leaves, twigs, branches, acorns, pinecones, nuts, etc. are available this season. Use them to decorate the tabletops, shelves, and windowsills throughout the house. Match pumpkins and apples, which are available this time, with glowing candles and garden clippings to make attractive settings. These decorations are not only green but also save some of the ‘green’ in your purse.

Decor with natural elements available during autumn.

Decor with natural elements available during autumn.

Image via: Homedit

It is not very difficult to adopt the eco-friendly approach in your lifestyle. Hope, these tips will help you to take the advantage of green options and redecorate your home in a green way.

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