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Get the Look: Cool Dorm Decor Ideas by You!

Entry #2784, August 26, 2013


If you’re headed off to college or you’ve already started back you are probably wondering how to personalize your dorm room with just your style, right? Well here are some dorm room collage ideas from you! Take a look at these collages that take some of the best dorm room ideas and puts them into dorm room collections of decor, organization, and trendy solutions for making your college dorm room rock! Try making your own inspiration boards at Olioboard – like my past Olioboard Inspiration members or try Polyvore like these below examples.

dorm room inspiration_polyvore

Image via: As the Ocean – via Polyvore

Living in a dorm requires a great amount of organization skills. This is because you are often restricted or have limited access to areas where you can modify. It’s not like your own home that you have the choice to do what you want to renovate at any given time. More often than not, dorm owner doesn’t allow major make over especially when it involves the majority of the areas in a dorm room.

Decorating your dorm room isn’t an overnight task. You have to plan ahead and consider several things before even starting to make your first step. This will lessen your time, efforts and expenses needed in decorating your dorm room. To help you out, here’s how to decorate your dorm room on a budget:

  • Make your own artwork

Even if you’re in a dorm room, you have to add something that will represent yourself. To do this, you can create do-it-yourself artworks to show off your skills and at the same time enhance your interior. The artworks will definitely save you a lot of money. Also, make use of the available resources you have for the materials.

dorm room inspiration2_polyvore

Image via: Poetic Princess via – Polyvore


  • Spread out the curtains

What makes curtains effective is that it can create an illusion of a wider space for your room. But you have to hang your curtains from the ceiling down to the floor. This will definitely make your room look spacious. It will also create a beautiful highlight for your room interior. Don’t forget to choose the right color motif you want.

  • Prefer multi-functional yet stylish furniture

How about a chair with storage function? This is like buying one item for a couple of purposes. You will not only save money but enhance the looks of your dorm as well. You can also have a bed with storage function at the bottom or a coffee table with drawers. These furnitures don’t compromise design over functionality.

dorm room inspiration3_polyvore

Image via: Nahed-samer via Polyvore

You can actually do a lot of ways to decorate your dorm room. Just take some time to plan ahead on what to do and everything will go accordingly.

For more dorm room ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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