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Give Your Garden a Makeover Before Autumn Returns

 Entry #2735, August 11, 2013

Even after the fading of summer blooms, you can keep your garden looking fresh and inviting until winter creeps up. You can easily handle your faded garden by embracing the changes in seasons. Transform the look of it by planting vegetables, flowers, and plants with rich autumnal colors and sculptural forms. Check these ideas to give your garden an autumn lift:

white house flowers landscaping

Give your garden a makeover before the autumn returns

Image via: Deborah Cerbone Associates, Inc.

Create Blooming Corners

If your garden space is huge enough, you have the freedom to experiment with the plants and the garden décor. In case of a large garden, creating some small corners with colored plants and flowers will look really nice. Low-care plantings will be a great choice for such corners where you can make a mix-up of tough plants like blue fescue, daffodils, Joe Pye weed, blue caryopteris, and switchgrass. Try to use native plants, as they will need lower maintenance and be resilient to pest and disease problems.

Fill up the Bare Plant Beds

If you have plant or flower beds next to your front door, keeping them bare will be quite an eyesore. Turn the bed from an ugly thing to an eye-pleasing one by planting plants with multi-seasonal interest. Ornamental grasses, spring-blooming bulbs, Dwarf Alberta spruce, and some perennials and annuals will help looking your bed great all year long. Take care that the plants’ colors complement to the color of your home.

Add characters to your backyard garden.

Add characters to your backyard garden.

Image via: BHG

Spruce up the Backyard

Sprucing up the backyard will add resale value to your home, create an outdoor living space, and make the place more comfortable. Add characters to the place by designing a handy patio and setting up a tiny water feature. Fill up the place with careful selections of evergreen and various colorful plants. The water feature will make the place relaxing and likely to attract birds to your garden.

Create Small Focal Points

Instead of planting in the entire space of your garden, add visual interest by creating small colorful patches scattered through your garden space. To fill out such small spaces, choose easy, colorful plants like junipers, dogwood, spiraea, purple smokebushes, mums, etc. Create a borderline for every patch by planting pansies, placing small container plants, or ornamental grasses that will add texture to the spot too. These colorful patches will act as dramatic focal points and increase the value of your property.

autumn garden pathway flowers ideas

Autumn garden pathway – use flower pots to create small focal points

Image via: Bliss Garden Design

Add Warmth for Colder Nights Ahead

Adding warmth to your garden will help you enjoying the outdoor space into the fall. Installing a fire pit or a fireplace into the screened porch or gazebo will let you relish the outdoor during the cold months. Fire pits are less expensive than fireplaces but produce more smoke. On the other hand, a patio heater will also be handy in this regard.

Setting up a fireplace will help you enjoying the outdoors during the cold months too.

Setting up a fireplace will help you enjoying the outdoors during the cold months too.

Image via: Landscaping Network

Late summer is the time to revamp the summer garden. Careful planting and makeover of your garden this time will help you having blooms and harvests throughout autumn and right into the winter months.

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