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3 Ways to Plan Your Kids Back to School

Entry #2790, August 28, 2013

The end of August arrives with a flavor of holidays and some strings to be back on track. Especially for the children, readjust the bio-clock to return to school may not be an easy task. When getting back into the back to school routine seems stressful, a little planning helps parents and children make the process – which includes sleeping and waking early and eating at correct times – lighter.

Often children and adolescents have difficulties to get into the rhythm school after spending the long summer vacation away. However it is very important that your child start the year well motivated… with 3 simple steps!

back to school shopping2

Get your kids off to school easily this year

Image via: Pinterest

1. Review your Old Routine

Getting back to the old routine might be challenging. Some days before the classes start, set again an early bed time and start to get the routine back – this will help the transition to be smoother. Don´t do sudden changes because the children suffer the most radical changes. Go decreasing gradually daily the amount of time they can play video-games for example until it goes back school routine. The same goes for the hours of sleep, wake up time, time to play… Do everything slowly, so that your child does not feel that simply stopped having fun because classes are back.

2. Get your Children Ready

A must-do is to calm your child as a new year usually causes anxiety. “Will my friends be there? And if not, will the new classmates like me? Who will be the new teachers? Will I like the new subjects?” These and other questions are at the head of the young kids when the time comes to go back to school and you must answer them the clear way possible in order to help them to get ready. Also help the kid to remember all the good time that he had last year: talking about the school trips or friends can increase the kid´s willingness to go to school. A fun part of this process to all children is organize supplies for school. Let’s have a try together unique school supplies on Blooming a lovely website that I discovered “while browsing for back to school supplies”, and find a good solution to begin the children journey back to school!

kids room2 back to school

Summer cleaning shouldn’t be a challenge

Image via: Pottery Barn

3. Plan a New Routine

Once the classes have started, it is important that both you and your child create a routine of activities that must be followed to the end of the year. This is because during school life, their homework, exams and events will become increasingly frequent, requiring from the students organization and planning. The lack of a pre-established routine often compromises your child’s school life.

Be firm. As much as your children may whine, or do not want to wake up early do not give in. The adaptation to the routine depends on your stance as a mother or father.

For more back to school ideas on Stagetecture, click here.


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