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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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Guest Blogger: 5 Helpful Tips for Organizing your Backyard

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2722, August 7, 2013

People who don’t have a backyard often dream of the day when they will have their own yard so that they can invite family and friends, crank up the barbecue, turn on some good music, and enjoy their home as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Then you have those who do have a backyard yet neglect it. Especially during the colder months when the weather makes maintaining their yard a difficult chore. And then what happens? The yard falls into such a dismal condition that even attempting to get it to some semblance of order becomes a task fraught with dread.

backyard ideas shed cleanup

Create the perfect backyard this season

Image via: Landscape East & West

Let’s assume that your backyard has reached the stage where you would rather not look at it. Following are five tips for organizing your backyard so that it will take pride of place in your home:

1. The Big Cleanup:

It has got to be done, so time you pulled out your finger, recruited the kids, and gathered all the items strewn about your garden in one location. You know what to do next – the garbage goes to the garbage, what you want to keep gets placed in a separate corner or in storage, and what you want to sell or donate needs to be sold or donated.

backyard cleaning ideas

Ready to clean up your backyard?

Image via: Steve Tsai

2. Storage:

if you don’t have enough outdoor storage then it’s time to invest in some. Plastic sheds are a great idea as they are weatherproof, easy to assemble, come in different colors and sizes to suit all spaces and color schemes, are relatively inexpensive, and usually don’t require a permit from the city.

Cleaning your backyard shed ideas

Consider adding a shed to store off season supplies

3. Tend to the Garden:

once your backyard is tidied up, the time has come to either put on the gardening gloves, get out the gardening equipment, and get to work cleaning your garden, or ring up your trusty gardener and invite him to do the job for you.

By now your backyard should be starting to resemble its old self, so perhaps it’s time to spruce it up a bit more.

4.  Outdoor Furniture:

Some new outdoor furniture or a coat of paint on the old outdoor furniture will add a touch of the new to your backyard. And don’t we all love the feeling of something new?

outdoor patio special needs

Ensure your backyard is welcoming and inviting

5.  Build a Deck:

How about investing in a deck? They look great, make it easier to maintain the yard, and add another storage dimension if you buy deck boxes. Talk about a win-win-win.

This list is not extensive but following it will set you well on your way to truly enjoying your backyard, Enjoy!

For more outdoor activities for you and your family click here.

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