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Guest Blogger: How to Creatively Decorate with Instruments

Guest Blogger +1K, Entry #2765, August 20, 2013

In the world of interior design there are countless ways to achieve balance and personality in living spaces.  However, one underutilized method of décor is the integration of musical instruments.  The most notable benefits of incorporating this type of creative design are twofold; first, there are plenty of ways to access great pieces while staying within a reasonable budget; second, instruments are fantastic statement pieces that will spur discussion.

If you don’t have Dad’s saxophone in the basement or Mom’s violin in the attic, don’t panic.  You can still find great, affordable, local options to assimilate into your space.  Some great places to begin your search for exceptional bargains are flea markets, garage sales and Internet ads.

decorating with instruments

Decorating with instruments on a striking colored wall

Image via: Chris Little

Tell a Story:

Just like any other piece of art, a musical instrument carries with it meaning and cultural significance that add personality to a space. String instruments can provide a wistful, romantic feel, brass will make any area a bit jazzier and woodwind will add class. Sellers like West Music have world drums that can introduce lively patterns, as well as a sense of wanderlust; you don’t necessarily have to travel to different continents to invite international design elements into your home. 

Create Visual Interest:

If you’re using smaller, handheld instruments you’ll want to use various levels of elevations to alert the viewer to its significance and make it eye level.  Anyone who walks into your decorated space should naturally be able to scan the room and let their gaze be guided to the intended focal point at a reasonable level rather than having to look unnaturally upwards or downwards.

guitar as art in your home

Guitar as art in your home

Image via: Flickr

Decide on a Statement Piece:

You can take advantage of larger instruments by converting them into your room’s statement piece. Some ways to achieve this is to position a large string instrument by your fireplace, place a percussion instrument by a bold-colored wall or update an upright piano with a daring color choice.

Creative Lighting:

Consider converting an instrument into a lamp. You or a handyman can add some wiring, a base and a lamp shade, and transform a violin, flute, or trumpet into one of the most appealing light sources in the room (check out this trumpet-turned-lamp we found on Etsy). It’s form and function, all in one.

Add Variety and Color:

Floral arrangements always add a nice decorative touch to a room.  Get creative by repurposing a wind instrument into a vase.  A French horn positioned as a floral centerpiece is quite striking. Another option is to keep a traditional flower arrangement in a customary vase, but add variety by clustering appropriately-sized musical items around it—sheet music, a classic metronome, a harmonica, etc.

musical instruments display

Add a variety of instruments to your display

Image via: Homedit

Concept to Completion

As you progress from concept to completion, don’t be afraid to experiment with different design concepts and take the time to perfect your space.  After carefully selecting and applying your colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and lines, you’ll know you’ve done well.

For more creative home decor ideas on Stagetecture, click here.




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