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How to Add Patriotic Red, White and Blue to your Front Yard

Entry #2799, August 31, 2013

Labor Day is here and it’s time to celebrate!  Time for BBQ’s, back yard cook outs, and maybe the last pool party of the year. How about we get creative by adding a punch of the good’ol red, white and blue to our homes? The best way to really add the ‘wow’ factor to your décor is via the front yard, after all isn’t that the place that everyone sees first? Here are some great ways to turn the front of your house into the most patriotic on the block:

outdoor patriotic home

Outdoor patriotic home

Image via Pinterest

Dress Your Door

Why not turn your door into a huge American flag! It is super easy and makes a big impact to neighbors passing by.  Before long the entire neighborhood will be gathered at your door to admire your handiwork.

Simply cover the door with a long panel of craft paper and adhere with double-stick tape. Then paint on your flag! If you dare to get messy, then let the kids get involved. You could even use scrunched up tissue paper for the stars for a cool 3D effect.

Make a Yard Flag

This is one for the kids, but Mom’s be warned it will get messy! Use an old piece of plywood (whatever size you want your flag to be, but remember you will need to hang it, so you won’t want it too heavy). Then have the kids dip their hands in either red, white or blue paint. Direct the kids to use their handprints to create the stars and stripes of the flag as in the image below. Allow to dry and then you can add chain and eyehooks to hang from your front porch or tree in your front yard.

outdoor patriotic ideas

Decorate your front porch in red, white and blue!

Voila, your home is fully Americanized and ready to greet all your Labor day guests. The great thing about these decorations? You can save them and reuse them again next year for your July 4th or Memorial Day celebrations!

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