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How To Choose The Ideal Kitchen Lighting

Entry #2787, August 27, 2013


Your kitchen is one of the busiest areas of your home. A day will never pass without you doing something like cooking or slicing a piece of cake in your fridge. And with several chores that are involved in your kitchen, it is very essential to have adequate lighting.

Having an ideal kitchen lighting requires proper planning and technical advice. You can’t just play around with your lighting fixtures and have them installed as you desire. But since the technical areas can be assessed by experts, you can look into these ideal lighting ideas to enhance your kitchen:

kitchen lighting ideas pendant

How will you use ambient, accent, and task lighting in your kitchen?

Image via: Daniel Dubay Interior Design

Ambient lighting

Having this type of lighting ensures not only comfort, but also safety. The ambient lighting allows your kitchen to have a pleasant ambiance. It’s like you are influenced by the lighting to perform your tasks in the kitchen intensely. This makes ambient lighting as one of the best options for your kitchen lighting. The availability of modern lighting fixtures that you can control the illumination or radiance makes the ambient lighting possible.

kitchen lighting modern rustic home

Kitchen  lighting  ideas

Image via: Teri Fotheringham 

Accent lighting

Accent lighting for your kitchen provides a highlight on a specific area you want to emphasize. It tends to command attention to a particular area to stand out. This type of lighting for your kitchen can be placed in areas where you have your decorative kitchen accessories. Equipment or even your food preparation area.

kitchen task and accent lighting idea

Kitchen accent lighting can be sculptural and functional

Image via: In Detail Interiors


Task lighting

The name speaks for itself. The task lighting system aims to provide better lighting in areas where you perform your kitchen chores. These areas are the cooking area, countertop, lavatory, pantries and cabinets. This type of kitchen lighting goes to the advantage of smack light sources. It will definitely make you perform your task easier and faster.

These are just some of the effective kitchen lighting that you can choose for your home. You can truly make the most of your time in your kitchen with the help of proper lighting.

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