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How to Display Your Heirloom Treasures

Entry #2772, August 22, 2013

We all have some sort of collection. Whether it be figurine bunnies, crystal vases, or silver candlesticks – our collected  treasures are something we hold near and dear to our hearts, and likely each one brings back a story or special memory.

I personally have a slight (read massive) issue with antique plates. I’m sort of like Gollam from Lord of the Rings when it comes to my plate collection…’my precious’.

Displaying collectibles

Displaying collectibles should reflect your personality

Image via: Houzz

With these precious treasures comes the issue of displaying them. We amass these treasures and then they are left in a box or cabinet somewhere. So, here are some great tips to show off your precious collections:

Be Creative!

Use your imagination! Grab all those collections from that dusty storage box and look around your home for a prominent place to display them. It’s nice to display your collection on a side table, but what about being more creative?

Try using shadow boxes. Shadow boxes are great for making a statement. You can fill a whole wall with shadow boxes of all shapes and sizes, and then fill each shadow box with one or two of your most favorite pieces.

shadow boxes

A grouping of shadow boxes makes a big impact!

Image via: Pinterest

If you collect plates, like I do, arrange them on walls with picture hooks! These look great in kitchens, living rooms, or even bathrooms! (trust me I’ve done it).


Notice the plates arranged artfully above the fireplace.

Image via: Pinterest

Most importantly, wherever you choose to display your treasures, just remember to keep them together.  When collections are displayed in a large grouping, there is an instant impact and appeal.  Think of how much better a table filled with mercury glass candlesticks would look vs. a single candlestick on a table.

Assess what type of treasures you want to display – go through old photo albums, boxes in the garage or hand me downs. Decide how is the best way to display your items. Whether you use shadow boxes for items that can’t be touched to using mounting hardware and decorative shelves – there are endless possibilities.  Use these ideas to show off your favorite collectibles!

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1 comment

  1. Genealogy Guru

    I think the hardest part is always to choose what to display, meaning what to keep and what not to keep. As you look around your house you’ll see a number of objects and mementos that are or have become collectible or, more importantly, have sentimental value. As part of your family archive project, you’ll want to determine what you have and what to keep. Not easy !

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