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How To Plan the Perfect Themed Labor Day Party

 Entry #2796, August 30, 2013

This weekend, you may be planning to host a holiday get-together with all your friends.  Labor Day is a patriotic holiday like the 4th of July, but there are plenty of ways to differentiate the two holidays and put your own stamp on the normal red, white, and blue theme.  Consider doing your own end-of-summer themed party that includes more of the colors of oncoming fall like rich burgundy, bright yellows, and warm oranges.  Here a few popular alternatives to red, white, and blue to get you started on using one of these or inventing your own Labor Day theme!

White Party

The old rule is that it’s not fashionable to wear white after Labor Day, so why not go out with a blinding flash of, well, white?  Ask guests to wear white, and decorate using white tablecloths (plastic ones will be stress-free), balloons, and flowers.  Use plain white T-shirts and fabric markers to let guests create their own party favor by designing their own shirt.  This theme may be better-suited for adults who won’t be playing football in the grass.  Just watch out for ketchup.

Use white decor to celebrate Labor Day

Use white decor to celebrate Labor Day

Image via Hannas

Back-to-School Party

To send the younger generation off to school properly, and bring out your own inner child, host a back-to-school party for kids and their parents.  Decorate the table with school supplies (which also make great party favors) and set up schoolyard games like hopscotch and jump rope to get back in shape for recess.  Feel free to replace the red, white, and blue with fall colors for the school season like school bus yellow, burnt orange, and earthy browns for a more muted palette.

Send the kids off to school in style

Send the kids off to school in style

Image via Catch My Party

Denim Party

Since the spirit of Labor Day is to celebrate the American workforce, have some fun with the blue-collar work ethic and make sure everyone wears as much denim as they can find.  Set aside a door prize for the most unexpected item of clothing: a kooky vest, an all-denim hat, who knows!  For table centerpieces, fill simple toolboxes with dinner essentials like silverware, napkins, and condiments.

Whatever your plans may be, have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

For more holiday ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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