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How to Throw a Not-So-Perfect Late Summer Party

Entry #2741, August 13, 2013


Outdoor entertaining is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, but have you ever been to a party that is just too perfect? I mean one where you walk into the party and know that the hostess has been stalking Martha Stewart online for days. The decorations are too perfect, the napkins are perfect, the place settings are perfect, the flowers are perfect, the house is spotless…..get the picture? Everything is perfect.

summer party ideas budget

Summer party ideas that are no fuss!

Image via: Babble

This type of party setting makes me nervous. I can just feel the stressful energy in the air; the fear vibrating off of the hostess with a pasted smile on her face that tries to hide the fact that she is terrified of something going wrong.

A casual summer get together is supposed to be just that – casual. Here are just a couple tips to help you calm down and literally throw together a fantastic, not-so-perfect party at the last minute.

summer party ideas

Throw a party that isn’t so perfect

Image via: Pinterest

Go Shopping! (without leaving home)

It can’t be said enough, don’t go out and buy all matchy, matchy place settings, chairs and furniture. A “collected look over time” is a much more relaxing and rich way to decorate a home AND a party.

So, before the party begins, just look around your home for party supplies. Pull your indoors out, so to speak. Don’t be scared to take your good silver cutlery and crystal candelabras from your dining room and plunk them down on your outdoor picnic table, or cover an outdoor table in Grandmas antique lace. Old sheets or bed coverlets also make great table coverings, and linen hand towels make great napkins.

Invite guests to relax and take a seat by bringing a couple of your indoor wing chairs or ottomans outside onto the deck for comfortable seating. Gather dining room chairs and mix them in with outdoor tables, or better yet, get your hubby to help drag your kitchen table outside onto the grass – why not?

indoor furniture outside

Use indoor furniture outside for a welcoming feel.

Add more decorative touches

Once you have gathered the basics from your home ( linens, plates, cups, chairs etc…) it is time to add more to the decor, but this doesn’t mean an expensive trip to the store. Instead, grab some old mason jars, add a tealight candle and tie them to tree limbs with twine. Or another favorite, gather 10 sheets of tissue paper in an accordion style , staple the center of the accordion and then simply unfold the accordion. Voila, you have a beautiful tissue ball that you can hang over your table or hang from trees (make 10 or so of these for a pretty effect).

tissue balls hanging from tree

Hang tissue balls from trees for a pretty effect

Old wine bottles can also be washed and used as candle holder centerpieces or add water and backyard flowers to the bottles and hang them from trees.

These are just a few simple decor ideas. Start shopping your own home and see what your imagination comes up with! P.S. don’t forget the food! (maybe a quick run to the store to grab a couple roast chickens and potato salad is all you need)

For more summer ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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