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Inspiring Ideas for Fall-Themed Dining Table Decor

Entry #2764, August 19, 2013

Like the outside world goes through a transition during the fall season, so does the interior of your home. Autumn is the season of lots of harvesting and bringing nature to your dining room. So, it is needless to say that the fall produce will make their way into the dining table. It is really easy to lift the look of your dining table and make it a harvest-inspired haven with the help of fall produce, fallen leaves, some crafty finds, and your creativity.

fall decor modern dining room

Fall decor modern dining room

Image via: Highland Homes

Decorate with Pumpkins

Who does not look forward to pumpkin pie once the color of the leaves change? Pumpkins are probably one of the most iconic images of fall. However, as fall has not arrived yet, you cannot have them during this late summer. But, you can still decorate your table with them! Show a bit of your handicraft skill and make some handmade, mini paper pumpkins. Accent your dining table by placing them on top of branches and a burlap runner.

fall dining room table ideas

Decorate your dining room with pumpkin inspiration

Image via: Adrienne DeRosa

Adorn with Acorns

Acorns, which are abundant during autumn, can be an inexpensive and handy element to make an extempore centerpiece. Take a tall, transparent jar and fill its three-fourth with acorns. Place a huge candle in the middle of the jar. Make four or five such centerpieces and spread them evenly on the table. You can make a big centerpiece by placing them with leaves, pinecones, and pumpkins. Apart from centerpieces, acorns can be used to make napkin rings. Make holes into them and wire them together to make rings for napkins.

autumn decor outdoor table

Seek inspiration from the outdoors for your interior dining table

Image via: Interiors Magisnet

Decorate the Chandelier

A chandelier above the dining table adds much to the décor of the dining room. You can give both your dining room and table a great autumn touch by making a pumpkin chandelier. Adorn your candlelight chandelier by placing an artificial, lightweight pumpkin on the center of it. Complete the look with a faux crow, ivory tapers, and bittersweet vine. The whole thing will lend a French country feeling to the place.

Use Pastel Vegetables

Pastel gourds and pumpkins can freshen up the décor of your dining room when real things are not available. Rest pastel pumpkins and gourds atop some high, vintage candlestick holders and spread them between dishes for an appealing display. You can give the gourds and pumpkins a festive look with mosaic embellishments. Buy mosaic pieces from local craft stores and decorate the pastel vegetables.

Serve bite-sized appetizers in these serving dishes.

Serve bite-sized appetizers in these serving dishes.

Image via: Live Internet

Pumpkin or Gourd-Made Serving Dishes

Your dining table will get a more interesting look with gourd- or pumpkin-made serving dishes. Do it by cutting the top of pumpkins or gourds with a prickly knife and cave them out. These serving dishes will be great for serving small-sized appetizers like berries, cube sized cheese, or nuts.

Execution of these ideas is quite affordable and joyful. If you can do it right, they will add the right amount of warmness to your seasonal spread.

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