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Organizing Under your Bed with Clever Storage Ideas

Entry #2750, August 15, 2013


One of the challenges that you encountered when organizing your room is the availability of storage. This is very important to maintain the comfort and convenience you have in your bedroom. Also, you have to maximize the space you have especially if you don’t have the luxury of a wider area.

If you’re looking for storage ideas, you can actually use your bed. Yes! You read it correctly. Your bed can be used as storage. This will definitely help a lot in organizing your bedroom without taking much of your space.

underbed storage ideas drawers

Under bed storage ideas – built in drawers

Image via: Feldman Architecture

To provide you with helpful tips, check out these clever ideas in organizing under your bed storage:

Consider storage boxes & baskets

You may not know it but there are several storage boxes that you can choose from. These storage boxes are available in different sizes, shapes and style that suit your needs. If the space under your bed is narrow, you can definitely find storage boxes that will fit in the space. This idea is quick and easy to implement.

kids underbed storage idea baskets

Kids underbed storage idea baskets

Image via: IKEA

Install customized drawers

This idea can be accomplished by constructing a customized drawer made of wood. It is very important to customize the drawer to ensure that no space is left unused. Also, it will look so nice and neat when the wooden drawers are built according to the dimension under your bed. You can use the four corner poles on your bed as your foundation.

underbed storage drawers double beds

Underbed storage can provide hidden storage you forgot about

Image via: Rob Karosis 

Consider wheeled latch boxes

The wheeled latch boxes are very convenient to use. You can easily pull and push latch boxes under your bed. Latch boxes come in different colors, sizes and styles to fit perfectly under your bed. Using latch boxes as your storage option works great for people who want quick and easy solution.

So, next time that you need extra storage in your room, make use of the space under your bed. Consider the above-mentioned ideas for possible solutions.

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