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This Labor Day – Have a Party with the Kids!

Entry #2791, August 28, 2013

The last holiday of the season Labor Day weekend will be here soon. A final summertime entertainment is a great way to bring together friends and family for fun, food, and fellowship. While adults can keep themselves entertained by cooking out, drinking, and spending time with guests, children often feel left out in such gatherings. We point you many different Labor Day activities for kids that will keep them occupied at the party and give adults some time to have fun.


Labor Day party activities for kids

Labor Day party activities for kids

Image via: Accent on Design

Patriotic scavenger hunt

Gather patriotic items or pieces related to Labor Day such as flags, steamers, festive color balloons and hide them throughout the yard. Make a list of items and handover a copy to each child or group of children if they will be working as a team. Let them know that everything on the list is hidden and they have until the end of the day to find these items. Plan fun prizes for the winners. This patriotic scavenger hunt is sure to keep the kids busy throughout the day.

labor day party decorating ideas

Decorate with fun patriotic colors

Image via: Style Motivation

Cookie decorating

If you are hosting an outdoor party, cookie decorating can be a fantastic activity for kids. Buy ready made cookie dough and cut it into fun shapes such as flowers, flags, geometrical shapes and more. Bake them a day before your Labor Day bash. On the celebration day, set up a cookie-decorating table, and provide kids with items like edible stars, colored frosting, candy bits and any other desired toppings. They will have a fun time decorating and eating their yummy Labor Day treats.

children decorating cookies

Have your kids help you decorate cookies

Image via: Miss Mustard Seed

Crafts and games

Depending on the age group, you can give children coloring sheets, vocabulary worksheets, and word finds related to Labor Day and various jobs. Coloring printables with big, simple images are great for preschool kids, while word finds and vocabulary activities are perfect for elementary school kids. You can easily find these Labor Day printables online. Alternatively, you can handover old magazines to young kids and ask them to cut out pictures of people doing different work and stick them to construction paper.

When planning a Labor Day party, do remember to plan any of these fun activities for kids. These are sure to keep them entertained throughout the day and everyone in attendance will have a great time.

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