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Waking Up Your Interiors with Modern Floral Inspiration

Entry #2726, August 8, 2013

When most of us think about floral prints and patterns, the immediate image is Grandma’s sofa…. and Grandma’s curtains, rug, pillows, and everything else, for that matter.  Florals may get a bad rap for a certain dated look, but these days, floral prints aren’t your grandmother’s kitsch!  During the summertime, they are the perfect pattern choice for a bright and fresh space that’s not short on modern appeal.

Using a mix of styles makes floral prints look fresh

Using a mix of styles makes floral prints look fresh

Image via Arianna Belle Interiors

It’s In the Buds

Believe it or not, you can have a floral sofa; it just has to be the right kind of floral.  Pale, faded colors and small, complicated prints will certainly evoke another generation, so look for bright colors in an open, simple design with lots of visible background.  The big, graphic textiles are less feminine and certainly more playful.  Make sure you also opt for floral prints on streamlined furniture: no skirts or carved wood on sofas and chairs.  That way you will avoid an already dated style.

modern floral interiors home office

Bring florals subtly into your home office

Image via: Eric Piasecki

For a really fashion-forward look, mix different florals correctly in pillows or rugs.  To do this without clashing, start with one oversized-print floral on a pillow or rug, then choose one to two other prints with at least two of the same colors and in a smaller scale (think a few square inches).  You’ll have an eclectic, bohemian vibe in no time!

modern floral wallpaper idea

Use modern floral wallpaper for a sophisticated look

Image via: Brewster Home Fashions

Mixing a soft floral with modern elements creates harmony

Mixing a soft floral with modern elements creates harmony

Image via Stoheim

Contrast Styles

If you bring floral prints into parts of your design, don’t forget to think about how all the pieces will work together.  In order to keep the room from looking overly feminine, mix styles of furniture with the florals for a cool and contemporary look.  Even the most adorable, vintage chair will look edgier when coupled with an ultra-sleek side table and a graphic rug.  Modern lighting or a chunky coffee table can balance the femininity just as much as the type of floral itself.  While out shopping, it’s always a good idea to keep photos, paint samples, and inspiration with you, but it’s even more important when looking for the right flowery print to strike a balance in your room.

Don’t let florals intimidate you any longer; you have the tools you need to make them modern and fun!

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