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Attaining the Perfect Mix Between Rustic and Modern Interiors

Entry #2819, September 9, 2013

Today more than ever, people are looking to return to their roots with décor redesign and embrace all that is rustic.

Inside this rustic/shabby chic trend however, there are small cliques of new styles emerging in the undercurrent, and one of these is a special blend of modern and rustic.

Though the two by definition are almost polar opposites, the embracing of two highly popular styles can be nothing but good.

rustic kichen

How will you style your home for modern or rustic?

But what is rustic/ shabby chic design?

First of all, it is important to understand just what rustic and shabby chic décor is. Although modern décor is a reflection of whatever is trending at the time (though often associated with glass tables, straight lines and open spaces), rustic décor is a celebration of decorations past.

Usually encompassing all things natural, it is heavily associated with natural materials such as oak, which are often given ‘distressed’ finishes to look older than they actually are.

In a sense, all “new” shabby chic furniture is an acknowledgement of both rustic and modern, as it is the aversion of buying antique furniture, while being replaced with modern pieces that are made to look old or worn.

modern interiors

Bring a modern edge to your interiors

Buy oak furniture that is modern in design

Oak has been at the heart of British homes for hundreds of years, making it not only one of the most traditional furniture types, but also, one of the most beautiful.

Buying solid oak furniture that is perhaps modern in design is a perfect way of encompassing both styles, as not only does it embrace a modern design, but at the heart, a rustic ethos; perfect for those that are looking to make things homely, without forgetting a delicate modern sense of style.

rustic interiors

Create a space that is rustic and natural

Choose accessories that define a style

Accessorising your home is important, especially if you want that shabby chic element, as it is something that often defines the style.

Soft pillows, handmade crafts and ‘old style clocks’ are often popular in homes that want to enjoy stylistic elements of the past.

Now more than ever, fashion from the 1940s is found to be increasingly popular in the UK, so doing a little research on that particular decade, may well help you decide what is important.

Bear in mind that Paris, London and New York all had prominence at different times during the 1940s, so if you want an authentic look, try not to mix and match too much from the big three.

You can also buy fabulous rustic accessories for your home from online stores such as Sylvester Oxford.

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