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How to Bring Warm Autumn Color into Your Home Office

Entry #2855, September 22, 2013

If you are thinking of giving a punch of autumn color to your home office, use nature as the biggest source to draw inspiration. The changing nature, bright colors on plants and leaves, cool breezes, warm indoors – everything has an effect on the selection of interior colors. In fact, the fall color schemes can evoke the cozy comfort, which is the very essence of this season.

Use of clay color in home office.

Use of clay color in home office.

Image via: HGTV

Stay Traditional with Earthy Color

Clay colors are earthy but their use should not be limited to only rustic settings. A terra cotta color will work very well on the walls of your contemporary or modern home office. Complement the color with a wooden desk and a vintage chair. The color will accentuate any artworks, posters, or paintings hung on the walls. You can also add drama to such a setting by painting the vintage chair with a bold color like peacock blue or lemon yellow and reupholster it with brand-new floral fabrics.

Similar Color Scheme for a Seamless Effect

Sometimes a similar color pattern for the base and the accents work just fine for a home office. Apart from the more obvious yellows and oranges, you can use greens or blues to create the autumn vibe inside the house. Use the same tones of blue color on the walls and furniture pieces of your workstation. It will create an impression of seamless blend between the walls and the built-ins. A combination of deep blue-indigo walls, simple floating shelves, and leather upholstery on the chair will create a cozy and sophisticated environment.

A similar color scheme creates a seamless effect.

A similar color scheme creates a seamless effect.

Image via: HGTV

Create a Pizzazz with Accent Colors

Create a pizzazz in your home office by adding a variety of accent colors. Consider painting an accent wall or the trim in a different color than the one used on the walls. The same effect can be achieved by adding stripes to a single wall, painting the desk with a contrastive color, or hanging curtains complementing to the color scheme. In that case, choose a muted tone like hazy blue-gray or pumpkin pie just like the muted nature of autumn.

home office autumn color ideas

Create a pizazz with accent colors in your home office

Image via: Cortney Bishop Design

Add a Varied Selection of Colors

The accessories in your home office are a great medium of importing colors. Buy rugs, flower vases, candles, lampshades, and other small accessories in fall colors like different shades of purples, browns, reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Such a varied selection will bring your room together and complete the color scheme.

A modern home office with colorful accessories.

A modern home office with colorful accessories.

Image via: Home Klondike

A fall color scheme does not necessarily have to be based on the color of pumpkin pie. Autumn is a season of colors and tones. So, play with different colors and make your small home office as lively as possible.

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