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Olioboard Inspiration – Cozy Autumn Fireplace Mantle Ideas

Entry #2825, September 11, 2013

Today we continue Stagetecture’s feature ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘. Last week you enjoyed – ‘Autumn Color Dining Room Inspiration‘ from Sammi Holloway and this week it’s time to add autumn inspiration to your fireplace mantle. Lisa Ketz who is a member of the Facebook Olioboard Fan Room shows you ways to create a welcoming and cozy fireplace mantle for traditional and modern design styles. Perfect for the cooler nights this season!

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Olioboard Inspiration #32

‘Cozy Autumn Fireplace Mantle Ideas ’ –  Lisa Ketz


I was excited to be asked to present some fall mantle décor ideas to the many Stagetecture readers out there. I had a fireplace in my last home and really miss it especially during the Holidays. The fireplace is a major focal point in any home so decorating it is a must.

Olioboard_Stagetecture_Fall Mantle

Traditional Fireplace Decorating Ideas

When one thinks about fall mantles most would agree that we think of the traditional fireplace and the warm fall colors of the changing leaves. The stone fireplace I chose to decorate for you couldn’t be more traditional. Here I have decorated the mantle with orange and white pumpkins, an orange candle and a basket of baby gourds spilled over to each side of a large mirror. The mantle is draped in a garland of maple leaves, berries and acorns.

If your fireplace has a raised hearth, don’t forget to decorate it too. Here I have simply flanked the firebox with rust colored mums. Of course, while the fire is blazing you may need to move these out. If you have built-ins or windows with a ledge beside your fireplace, feel free to extend your décor beyond the fireplace. I think the addition of wreaths on the windows and jack o’ lanterns sitting on a bed of maple leaves below adds just the right touch here.

Olioboard_Stagetecture_Fireplace Mantle2

Contemporary Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Now what if you have a more modern fireplace without a mantle? Does that mean you can’t decorate your fireplace for the holidays? As I have shown here that is not the case at all. Maybe you even want to decorate with less traditional colors. Go for it. Here I have hung a purple wreath and flanked it with white ceramic candle sconces. Again, modern fireplaces don’t generally have a raised hearth but the area in front is still game. Here I placed tall vertical flower arrangements on either side of the firebox and added some less traditional white pumpkins to tie it all together. That is enough here as simple and minimal fits the modern aesthetic best.

So whatever your style, color preferences, or fireplace type there is a place for fall décor in your home.

About Lisa Ketz

I am mom to one grown son and grandma to a beautiful 4 year old little girl. I live in Binghamton, New York with my boyfriend of 12 years. I started my own Home Staging business called Added Charm Home Staging several years ago. I also hold down a full time job in the finance industry. When I am not working I am on Olioboard. It is a great creative outlet. I love to design and shop and Olioboard allows me to enjoy my passions in its virtual environment.

I also enjoy sharing design inspiration with other like minded individuals through the Olioboard Fan Room on Facebook. If you want to learn more about me, check out my blog at or my website at You can also follow me on Facebook at To view my design boards on Olioboard search for them under Addedcharm.

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