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Throw a Labor Day Themed Party Today!

Entry #2803, September 2, 2013

People start observing the Labor Day holiday since 1880s to show honor to the workers for their contributions to the society. Like other holidays, people celebrate the day with parties, outdoor activities, traveling, cooking, and enjoying time with their family. Throwing a party is a very common Labor Day activity. Check out these theme ideas for your Labor Day party:

American flag collage

Happy Labor Day! How will you celebrate the day?

Image via: LoulaM via Flickr

Southern States Theme

Southern states can be the theme of your party that will celebrate the trends and culture of the country’s southern states and Hawaii. You can create a combination of exotic Hawaiian and typical southern atmosphere by decorating your yard with tiki torches and red, white, and blue Christmas lights. Fill the air with some compilation of Hawaiian music alongside scores of jazz and blues. Choose a menu that includes southern recipes along with a few traditional items.

Patriotic desserts

Patriotic desserts – Bring out your favorite desserts like Southerner’s love to do!

Image via: Pinterest

Old-Fashioned Block Party

An old-fashioned block party is a great way to know your neighbors, especially if you have newly shifted into a neighborhood. Without arranging for everything, ask the guests to bring games, music, and food to share. To make the party interesting, you can throw an old-fashioned dance party that can be enjoyed in the warm night. Dancing under the stars with retro dress up and swing music or big band will be a treat to everyone.

patriotic desserts smores

Patriotic desserts smores

Image via: Party City

Back-to-School Theme

Many people miss their crazy school days and rear a secret wish to relive those days sometimes. So, recreate the school spirit into your backyard with plenty of cheap eats, rocking music, and your old pals from those raging days. Apart from that, you can enjoy the party by playing softball, volleyball, flag football, and some lawn games like croquet, horseshoes, bocce, etc. Instead of the backyard, such a party can be arranged in a beach too. The warm sand and bonfire will allow you people to squeeze the most out of the fleeting summer days.

Carnival Theme

You can decorate your Labor Day party after the summer carnival theme too. In this case, the decorations and necessary accessories should be colorful and music should be loud to bring the carnival feeling. Multiply the enjoyment by setting up booths for the guests to play games and win prizes. Arrange for easy but competitive games. Set up bottles and see who can knock down the highest number of bottles with a single strike of baseball or set up a dartboard and watch who can hit the bull’s eye. In such a party, you can serve typical carnival foods like hamburgers, corn dogs, soft pretzels, and lemonade.

patriotic front porch party ideas

Have a block party with neighbors and treats!

Image via: Celebrity Party Planner

While many people like to concentrate on patriotic themes, you can include a unique mix of decorations and foods representing cultures around the world because Labor Day has a universal appeal that appreciates the hard effort of all the working people around the world.

For more Labor Day ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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