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How to Clean your Kitchen Thoroughly in Less Time

Entry #2878, October 2, 2013

Looking to clean your kitchen this season in less time?  When the season changes and temperature drops, you just cannot come back to your home and have the kitchen ready for cooking. You have to clean it to make it ready for the colder days. Check out some ideas about how you can do the cleaning job:

organizing modern kitchen

Ensure your kitchen is cleaned thoroughly before the holidays

Image via: Homes by Architects

Clean the Refrigerator – Inside & Out

The refrigerator is one of the main points from where you can start your cleaning task. It needs a deep cleaning because the drips, spills, and other spots can get very dirty. Switch the power supply of the refrigerator off and remove the shelves, trays, bins, racks and other contents. Use an antibacterial cleaner to wash everything.

Clean the condenser coils, vacuum cleaner, and the decorative grill below the door of the refrigerator. Put everything back carefully and seal the door with door gasket to keep the cool air in and the warm air out.

Dishwasher: Clean your Kitchen

This appliance is used to clean up plates, dishes, cups, and glasses. However, it can get dirty too if not cleaned for a long time. To clean up the interior liner of the dishwasher, use some baking soda on a damp sponge. Use plastic scrubber if there is any stubborn stain. Use a deodorant, applicable for dishwasher, during the cleaning to make the appliance smell good.

oldworld modern kitchen

Clean your kitchen in less time

Image via: Tidy House

The Pantry

Some people bake more in the fall. So, it is the good time to check your pantry and get rid of the expired baking supplies. Use up or donate any boxed or canned goods that will be expired in the next few months.


Cleaning the stove is a hazard but you have to do it because buying a new one will be expensive. You can skip some of the scrubbing works if your model is self-cleaning. The safest way of cleaning the oven will be to read its manual, which will surely have some cleaning recommendations. You can use oven cleaners or ammonia for the cleaning purpose. Do not forget wearing gloves and opening all the nearby windows during the cleaning job.

Cleaning Kitchen Areas:

Other spots in the kitchen that need to be cleaned are the sink, kitchen countertops, and backsplash. The sink can be nicely cleaned by using baking soda. On the other hand, use cleaner to clean the backsplash and the countertops. Scented cleaners are available in the market. Find one that will be perfect for the fall season.

A clean kitchen will make you feel good while preparing food.

A clean kitchen will make you feel good while preparing food.

Image via: The Kitchen

As kitchen is a busy place in the house, you have to clean it almost frequently. Occasional deep cleaning and regular maintenance will keep your kitchen germ and grease-free, looking brighter and smelling fresher.

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1 comment

  1. Small Footprints

    Excellent tips! Keeping appliances in good working order will ensure their efficiency. Going through the refrigerator and pantry ensures that food is used and not wasted. I would add that when cleaning, it’s best to use Eco-friendly cleansers so that we don’t add toxins to the air as we clean. When the weather gets cold and we shut doors and windows, those toxins remain indoors and can cause health problems. I suggest vinegar and baking soda for most cleaning jobs. One can add essential oils to make things smell nice and some essential oils do double duty as disinfectants.

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