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Olioboard Inspiration – Spooky Halloween Porch Ideas

Entry #2940, October 29, 2013

Today we continue Stagetecture’s feature ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘. Last week you enjoyed – ‘Festive Kids’ Halloween Costume Party‘ from Adele Baumann Healey. This week I feature Connie Parker who is a member of the Facebook Olioboard Fan Room group and if your front porch still needs some spooky ideas for Halloween, take a look at these creative ideas to greet trick-or-treaters!

If you’re interested in being featured see details here: How to be featured on Stagetecture’s Olioboard Inspiration‘ series.

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Olioboard Inspiration #43

‘Spooky Halloween Porch Ideas’    Connie Parker

Planning a Halloween Party? Make sure your guests don’t arrive at the wrong house by welcoming them up the path to the front door with style! Halloween décor has changed greatly over the years with many new and exciting props. But lets think about that party after the little goblins have gone home to bed. Why not decorate your yard and entrance to please the adults too? Pick a theme and have fun with it.

Pumpkins are a universal symbol for Halloween so why not use them! If you don’t like the mess of carving them up, try embellishing them with sequins and paint. You won’t need a lot of paint if you keep them simple. Sequins, glitter and other gems can be purchased almost anywhere. A little dab of glue and you’ve created a designer masterpiece! You don’t have to be an artist with these little lovelies, just try to keep your focus on the over all appeal of the end result. Too much is just plain too much! If you focus on the walkway up to your door and keep the rest of the yard in darkness you manage to create a focal area. Easy on the eye and welcoming!

Olioboard Stagetecture Halloween Outdoor Decorating copy

Decorating your Halloween porch

Hunt for large gourds to help with your design and place them along the path amongst the others. These too can be decorated if you choose, but the colours and textures of gourds are pretty wonderful sometimes and won’t need a thing added.

For those who like a lighted pumpkin, use an apple corer to punch holes in a pretty pattern and place candles inside. No struggling to create a face needed! The flickering flame will add to a ghostly atmosphere. You will have to carve out the inside of Mr Pumpkin for this one.

Non flammable candle paper bags can be purchased many places to help with your lighting. One small tea candle placed inside and voilà! Use caution though, and place them away from any flammable items.

The ghostly presence of cheesecloth soaked in watered down glue (like Elmers) can be hung to greet your guests. Place a craft ball inside for the head and a bent hanger to create the arms and let dry. You might like to add some glow in the dark paint for an added spooky effect. Remove when stiff and hang from your porch or a tree.

Lighting and scary pathway ideas

Lanterns made from painted mason jars with a candle inside and placed in the windows are all you need to create a glowing presence. Make sure your interior is dimly lit to enhance the features on your path and to create an air of mystery about your home itself.

These days automated spooks and mannequins can be found and what great fun for little trick or treaters too! If that isn’t in your budget, dress to impress!

If you dread the clean up after the party, send each of your guests home with one of your fabulously decorated pumpkins!

I am a mother of three and grandmother of four. I live and work in British Columbia. Although my job takes me away from home for 40 hours or more a week I spend almost as much time designing on Olioboard. It really is one of my passions. It is my entertainment and my escape. I am not a professional designer nor do I think I could be, but enjoy learning from those around me. I dabble in art but not so much now (no time!) I can be found on Olioboard.

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