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Simple Ways to Increase Your Home Value with a Kitchen Remodel

Entry #2877, October 5, 2013

There’s a saying that says you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at how they keep their homes.  And since the kitchen is the center core then its maintenance is of pretty high importance.  A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to add value to your home and increase your return on investment (ROI) when selling your home.  Now it can be a costly venture however, there are ways that you can update and switch out certain areas of the kitchen without having to go off the financial deep end.

modern kitchen wood

Your kitchen could have water-damaged appliances – what should you do?

Image via:  Houzz

Get all the Information and Research

Before you decided on your kitchen remodeling project, do some research first.  Figure out what style kitchen you want in your home, the budget you intend on working with, a timeline that you plan on starting and finishing the projects, and if you decide on working with a contractor or interior designer or I you plan on doing the projects yourself.  Get all the information you can first before starting anything.

A Fresh Coat of Paint and Backsplash

One of the ways to update any interior space that you can do yourself while not diving into your wallet so much is by adding paint.  You can transform your kitchen by painting it a brighter or lighter modern color that will give it an entirely different look and make the space seem larger for the visual appeal.  Also, adding backsplash to your kitchen is another cost effective way to update your kitchen that you will be able to accomplish yourself.  Just look for a video tutorial or home repair guide to help you.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Home Value with a Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Backsplash

Image via:  HGTV

Add in More Storage

Storage is major selling points when it comes to home purchasing plus, the more storage that you have within your home the more functional the home will be for you and your family.  So think about adding in some pull out shelves, drawer organizers and/or small movable islands.  By adding the storage you are adding to the space within the home and should not eat up your set budget.

Replacing or Updating the Fixtures

Replace those outdated or unattractive fixtures that you have in your kitchen.  You can actually replace some of your fixtures yourself, by taking a class or two from Home Depot or learning from online tutorials.  They should help you in removing and installing old fixtures for more modern ones.  From the lighting to the faucets if you want it updated the information, guidelines and tools are out there for your taking.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Home Value with a Kitchen Remodel

Update Fixtures and Appliances with Add-In Storage

Image via:  Motiq Online

Every once in a while you crave change and variety, most definitely when it comes to redesigning or selling your home.  The kitchen is one of the most used places within the home so make it special to you or those you intend on selling it to.  Take a look at the tips above and see how they work out for you and the ‘heart’ of your home.

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1 comment

  1. Julia

    What a great idea! Remodeling the kitchen offers an easy way to spruce up the house without going overboard. A new coat of paint and a modern update of appliances will bring out the best in your home, making it more valuable and desirable.

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