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Getting Started on your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Entry #3057, November 30, 2013

Have you started decorating your outdoors for Christmas? If you haven’t, now is as good a time to start as any. Your home’s exterior is a representation of who you are and should look stunning at all times. During the holiday season, take time to decorate the space in a fresh new way. Outdoor décor adds fun and festivity to the area and can make your place the talk of the town. Use these creative ideas and make your house the loveliest on the block with these Outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas.

Getting Started on your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

mailbox christmas decoration idea greenery

Use greenery and pine cones for a rustic Christmas look

Image by: Pinterest

Stick With a Single Theme

If you want your outdoors to look stunning, avoid mixing and matching items. Have a single theme or design in mind and create a clean, organized look. Choosing a theme is not hard, just go with what you like. For a rustic look, use white lights, pine cones, red bows, raffia, and ferns. If you want sparkle and shine, use ornaments with silver, gold, and glitter. A whimsical and fun look can be achieved with brightly colored ornaments and colored lights. Avoid putting too many ornaments that will turn the place into an eyesore. Keep it simple and leave your neighbors in awe.

A single theme creates a clean look

A single theme creates a clean look

Image by: Deborah Norton

Make an Impact with Statement Pieces

Just as you accessorize a dress, your exterior needs accessories to look good. Create a statement design and embellish it sparingly with the season’s fresh blooms. Drape ferns on your front steps or porch and adorn them with white lights to create a starry effect. Highlight the ferns with bows to produce vibrant color and keep the decorations around them simple.

Use Natural Elements

There are many natural elements you can use to add a nice feature to your outdoor décor. These include spruce, holly, evergreen, sea grass, raffia, and wheat straw. Some of these elements give your outdoors a fresh look while others add a rustic touch. You can also hang wreaths, lights, ribbons, and greenery on the picket fence, mailbox, and outdoor window panes.

Use natural elements for a fresh look

Use natural elements for added appeal

Image by: Chele Rutan


When you decorate your home for the holidays, you get an opportunity to share the holiday spirit with others. Use these simple tips and have fun decorating your outdoors.

For more Outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas on Stagetecture, click here.


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