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Adding Cozy Winter Colors to Your Home

Entry #3095, December 13, 2013

Colors have a way of making people happy. They can create sharp contrasts in style and brighten up a dull room. One way to give your home a seasonal lift is by decorating it for winter. Winter colors create a feeling of warmth and make your home cozy. As temperatures drop outside, let your décor remain cheery with these simple tips. This winter ensure interior colors make your home feel warm and welcoming

Adding Cozy Winter Colors to Your Home

winter interiors sweater sweater

Bring in winter inspiration into your home

Image via: Decor 4 All

Try a warm palette

A color scheme of mustard yellow, ruby red, hunter green, and burnt orange can give your living room or dining area a seasonal lift. These colors breathe new life to the space and perk up the mood. You can get a new throw and throw pillows that complement the color scheme. Add candles and flowers with warm colors to create a feeling of warmth. Candles exude warmth when grouped together. Light them for a gathering and put them off for a casual setting. If you’re into bold colors, try red accents as they have the ability to make a living room an inviting space. Get a red area rug and fill the room with color as you add a layer of warmth and comfort underfoot.

Nothing spells winter like a warm color palette

Nothing spells winter like a warm color palette

Image by: Shimil

Bring out seasonal and natural inspiration

One simple way to add winter colors to your home is by replacing accessories. Usher in the season with a festive wreath. The dried seasonal fruit and colorful foliage nuts will help you to transition from fall to winter. For lasting enjoyment, hang it on your front door.

Add winter accessories to complete the look

Add winter accessories to complete the look

Image by: Leora Sanford

Choose similar colors in your winter home

neutral interiors

How can your bring neutral colors into your interiors?

Image by: Lynn Cibulka

Staying within the same color range will help you to easily transition from fall to winter. Some winter and fall colors are almost identical and allow you to add more shades than just green and red. Like colors make a living room warm and cozy throughout winter. A white fluffy rug warms up cold floors while a soft green cotton throw and corduroy pillows create a welcoming spot on the sofa.

As the seasons change, your home should change as well. Give it a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere with these simple tips and turn it into a winter wonderland.

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