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Christmas Table Decorations: Beautiful Holiday Ideas

Entry #3108, December 19, 2013

Table setting makes a huge impact in your holiday celebration. A simple menu can turn into an elegant feast when you’re able to work on a beautiful table setting. A great table setting may not enhance the taste of your menu but it will certainly make everything mouth-watering and delectable.

Preparing your table for a holiday celebration requires creativity and inspiration. However, if you don’t feel like you don’t have the creativity, then be inspired. There are quite a number of holiday table settings that you can get your inspiration and implement them on your table. Check out some of the best table settings for this holiday season:

christmas table decoration table setting

These simple pots with greenery, berry and candles are simple yet elegant

Image via: Pinterest

Christmas Table Decorations: Beautiful Holiday Ideas

Have a fresh-cut flowers as a centerpiece

There are two good reasons that you should have flowers as a centerpiece. One is to provide the natural beauty of the flower and the other is the sweet smell. These two benefits can set a great ambiance on your surroundings. Flowers like orchids, cherry blossoms and carnations. Then, cut twigs of pine tree for better looks.

christmas table decorations flowers

Fresh cut flower can a bring a new feeling to your table

Image via: Southern Living

Choose a rustic and cozy theme

Having a rustic and/or cozy theme can certainly make a beautiful table setting. You can choose to mix patterns for your table napkins, cloth and centerpieces. But you have to stick with your theme. For better rustic look, you can have colors like combinations of red and black stripes and then pair it up with white and silver utensils. You can place dried branches as your table centerpiece.

christmas table setting ideas

Create a rustic theme to your outdoors

Image via: Michelle Leo Events

Make your centerpiece simple

If you still have some excess craft materials in your storage, then use them. For instance, a colored paper can be a beautiful placemat alternative. Another decorative item that you can make is the ribbon or lace. You can tie them in your wine glass to enhance its look. You can also scatter votive candles as your table centerpiece.

So, when you think of having a great holiday meal with your friends or loved ones, make sure that your dining table is all set. A beautiful holiday table setting will definitely make a great impression to your guests.

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