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What is Kwanzaa? Modern Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

Kwanzaa is comparatively a young holiday tradition that has been gaining popularity gradually. For African-American heritage and culture, it is a very meaning celebration that connects African culture and harvest to American customs.

Kwanzaa celebration idea

Kwanzaa celebration ideas

Image via: HGTV

Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration and starts the day after Christmas – December 26th. Like any other holiday, it is the time to decorate the home and get together with friends and family members. During this time, families get together, exchange gifts, take parts in various sacred traditions, and share the feast of Karamu. Let’s see how can you celebrate the occasion with your dear ones:

What is Kwanzaa? Modern Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

Taking dinner together will make familial bonds stronger.

Taking dinner together will make familial bonds stronger.

Image via: R U Crazy

Make Bonds around the Dinner Table

Now-a-days, people have become preoccupied with TV, video games, and a number of personal to-do lists. Kwanzaa gives you the chance of eating together with your family, which is wonderful because so much good can happen around a table. Prepare African dishes or cook healthy foods to recall agricultural harvests. Seating together, taking foods, talking, taking solace in each other will strengthen the familial bonds.

Implant Positive Values into the Young Ones

As Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration, you will have plenty of time to spend together with your family members. So, use this time to introduce the young members of the family with the great African heroes and the rich African cultures. Share inspiring stories of renowned cultural and historical figures with them. This will help them to take pride in their heritage and overcome inferiority complex if they have any.

kwanzaa celebration

Involve your family and friends in Kwanzaa traditions

Image via: HGTV

Involve Your Family in the Community Works

One of the principles of Kwanzaa is to endorse collective work and performing the responsibilities toward others. By building unity among the members of your community irrespective of their ethnic roots and inspiring everyone to help and love each other, you can spread the positive values celebrated by Kwanzaa. Involve all of your family members into various community works and by this way, inspire them to promote practical acts of kindness.

Share Dreams and Pains with Your Family

Kwanzaa is a great opportunity not for just meeting your family members but for healing and dreaming too. Encourage the family members to share their pride and pains with each other. Someone may have gone through a bad experience lately, comfort him/her. Someone may have achieved something good, encourage him/her and inspire to do better. Instead of buying expensive gifts, give them something meaningful. For example, cooking a special dish or burning a disc of meaningful songs for your wife will please her more than having something expensive but generic.

The weeklong celebration is a great opportunity to spend more family time.

The weeklong celebration is a great opportunity to spend more family time.

Image via: Thy Blackman

Kwanzaa is a cultural celebration. So, it is by no means an alternative to religious holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah. Moreover, people of other cultures can also celebrate Kwanzaa as it recognizes broader values and messages like the unity of humankind. Try these easy and modern ways to celebrate this holiday season.

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