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Christmas Decorations: Using Natural Materials

Entry #3082, December 9, 2013

Christmas decorations can be challenging feat in your home, right? There are so many ornaments and figurines to buy, that one might forget that using simple, natural materials can be more beautiful and cheerful than any other decoration.

Christmas Decorations: Using Natural Materials

Use an unexpected color theme

It doesn’t nor always has to be green, red, silver or gold. Nor does it have to be over the edge and bold, like purple. Use some natural, unexpected yet fresh colors as a theme for your decoration. Compliment the décor with fresh flowers of the color you chose to give a more natural flair or use eye-catching vases and ribbons to make a colorful statement.

Use some unexpected color

Use some unexpected colors

Image via: BHG

Bring the outdoors indoors

Using as décor items that you usually find only outside, creates a wonderful natural atmosphere. With branches and logs you can make beautiful little Christmas trees to decorate spots. Also, hollowed logs are just perfect to use as candle holder or for putting some Christmas lights in them. Using them as vases for greenery is another great idea. Smart use of baskets and bowls out of natural materials, such as rattan or wicker in matching colors, can add to the elegance of the décor.

keep it clean simple

Keep it clean and simple

Image via: House To Home

Use fresh or dried fruits

Winter fruit are so suitable for the decoration of the house. Arranged beautifully and displayed alone, or as decorative items in between greenery and pinecones or branches, they can give vibrant colors and freshness into your home. Either dried or fresh, they are an easy addition to any Christmas décor.


Arrange beautifully fruits

Arrange beautifully fruits

Image via: BHG

Decorate thinking out of the box

Wreaths are always nice and can be made out of all natural materials. Why not try this time a different shape instead of the circle? A square wreath can even be used as a picture frame. Heats shaped wreaths give the home a sweet loving atmosphere. Also, use the wreaths to decorate your windows, chairs or put them in bookshelves.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t to be always wreaths. Beautiful baskets filled with seasonal greenery can be an outstanding option to catch the eye.

Furthermore, you can decorate your chandeliers with evergreens, other greenery or even plain branches, giving a festive look to an item that can dominate the room.


dress your chandelier

Dress up your chandelier and chairs

Image via: Pinterest

Pinecones are also an item that can get festive if put in a fancy cylinder or clear glass vase, or try putting them in nice candle holders instead of candles. That works especially well if the pinecones are painted with some glitter to match the color of your overall decoration and put under a fancy globe.

Decorating with natural material can give a room earthy and wintery accent. With a little imagination and creativity, the results can be elegant and unique.

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