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Christmas Gift Ideas: Gift Wrapping with Repurposed Sweaters

Entry #3109, December 19, 2013

We all love creative and thrifty ways to save a little money during this time of the year when our shopping budget suddenly sky rockets. Christmas wrapping of gifts can often be a challenge to make them look different than years of the past. This is also a great time to test your imagination and come up with innovative ideas to re-purpose and save on small details like Christmas gift wrapping.

Here are three creative ideas to put your old knitted sweaters to use as gift wraps and accessories

Christmas Gift Ideas: Gift Wrapping with Repurposed Sweaters 

1. Christmas treat bags

Chunky cable knit sweaters represent Christmas-y winter days like nothing else. Why not use your old sweater to create treat bags for the kids. Cut two pieces approximately 6 inches x 10 inches in size. Fold over the top and hem with a needle and thread to prevent the wool from unraveling. Next place the two pieces on top of each other with their right side facing each other. Hot glue the three sides together leaving the opening on the top. Turn over the bag and fill with small treats. Close the mouth with a ribbon and decorate with embellishments.

These warm and cozy bags are perfect for small treats

These warm and cozy bags are perfect for small treats

Image via: Shopgirl Maria

2. Sweater wine bags

You can re-purpose patterned knit sweaters for interesting wine bags. Look for bright and cheerful patterns that convey the spirit of Christmas. To make these wine bags, measure your bottle leaving about one inch from the top. Cut the sleeve of your sweater according to the measurement. Make sure that the cuff of your sweater is included in the cut piece. This will be the top of the bag. Flip the piece inside out and hot glue the bottom together. Place your wine bottle inside and tie a ribbon, twine or wool around the neck to fasten it. Decorate with pompoms, bows etc.

Choose bright and patterned sweaters to create wine bags

Choose bright and patterned sweaters to create wine bags

 Image via: Kelebeginruyasi

 3. Sweater gift tags

Once you have finished making your sweater wine bags and treat bags, use the left over pieces of the sweater to make cute gift tags. Use cookie cutters to trace your desired shape onto a piece of stiff paper. Make sure the patterns are not too complicated. Cut two pieces of the sweater according to the pattern. Place the pieces with the right sides facing outside. Stitch together with a needle and strong thread using short running stitches. Leave a little gap and stuff with cotton batting or use shreds of the sweater. Close the gap and hot glue a jute twine to hang on your gift bags and boxes.

Make cute gift tags out of sweater pieces

Make cute gift tags out of sweater pieces

Image via: Your home based Mom

 By re-purposing and re-using old sweaters you will be able to save a lot of money on gift wrapping which in itself can get quite expensive. These creative and easy ideas will be appreciated by your friends and family alike.

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  1. Emma

    What a great idea! If a sweater is too far gone to donate, why not use it for something else? The treat bag is especially interesting to me.

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