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Easy No-Stress Holiday Bartending Ideas

Entry #3152, December 28, 2013

This holiday, don’t let stress come in your way. The holiday season should be filled with fun and excitement. It’s the time of the year when  people gather for party celebrations and reunions. But of course, stress will always be shadowing you if you’re not ready at the spur-of-the-moment.

One of the sources of stress is planning for your holiday bartender. This is because you have to consider several things like the budget, taste and presentation. Well, having terrific drinks will definitely make your holiday party light and bubbly. But don’t worry, check out these easy no-stress holiday bartending ideas:

holiday bartending

Make your bartending easier this holiday season

Image via: Hank and Hunt

Easy No-Stress Holiday Bartending Ideas

  • Choose only a couple of drinks

When it comes to your party drinks, it’s not always great to have more. The fact is, just a couple of signature cocktail drinks are more than enough to spice up the party. Bear in mind that a full-service bar for a holiday party is pretty much impractical. Besides, having a variety of drinks may result to taste confusion and clutter.

holiday mantle cocktails bar

Choose a few drinks rather than a wide variety

Image via: Cedarwood Weddings

  • Serve a punch instead

Serving and mixing individual cocktails at your holiday party is definitely a formula for stress. To avoid this stressful job, a thirst-quenching punch is the way to go. With a punch, you can mix it up ahead before the guests are expected to arrive. Also, the best thing with a punch is that your guest can just serve themselves.

holiday bartending bar

Holiday bartending bar

Image via: Splendid Sass

  • Serve drink in batches

One of the best ways to have a no-fuss bartending in your party is to serve your cocktails by batch. This means, you can prepare in advance multiple batches of cocktails and then serve them one after another. You may choose which one will be served first and then the next. This will ensure that your guests will be able to indulge the taste of every cocktail you serve.

These are just some of the few easy no-stress holiday bartending ideas that you can do for your party. After all, a holiday party is all about fun and no room for stress. A few of these bartending ideas would be great for a wedding too!

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