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My Holiday Home Made Cleaner with Swiffer SteamBoost Steam Mop

Entry #3105, December 18, 2013

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

If your home is like mine, trying to keep the floors clean can be a challenging job. In my home the kitchen tile floor has always been one of those rooms that I can’t seem to keep clean for than a day after I clean it! Between food dropped from cooking, my kids always missing the trash can and the food stains around it, or just the general wear of foot traffic, the kitchen floor is my biggest pain. So I was excited to get the chance to use the new SteamBoost Steam Mop from Swiffer.

Swiffer Steam Boost_Stagetecture

Swiffer SteamBoost Steam Mop

We have been using Swiffer wet mops for years – you know the one that is the handle rectangle mop and then you connect the disposable wet wipes to the mop? What I never liked was that sometimes the amount of elbow grease needed to get up stains was awful. So the idea of steam to pull up dirt and grime is what I’m looking forward to.


The starter kit comes with the mop and wipes

Here are a few features of the SteamBoost Steam Mop from Swiffer

  • The Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost™ is a steam mop that deeply penetrates dirt and helps remove messes mops can leave behind. Fill it with water, attach a Steam Pad and plug it in. No other cleaning solutions are needed.
  • The special Steam Pads have a steam-activated, dirt-dissolving cleaning solution that pulls dirt from surfaces and locks it away. SteamBoost™ is light, easy to use and safe on tile, finished wood and laminate floors.*

See how I used the SteamBoost Steam Mop


I loved how the mop took out the “elbow grease” of mopping

1. Sweep up loose debris and dirt from your resilient floor first.


First sweep up all of the dirt and debris from your floor


Behind our trash can always stays dirty at my house! :(

2. Place a wipe on the bottom of the SteamBoost mop and attach in the four corners

3. Pour water into the reservoir and then plug in. Squeeze the trigger handle to release the steam. The blue indicator light will come on in the front.


Fill reservoir with water like how you would fill a clothes iron.

4. I found it most helpful to apply the steam as you clean up the tough spots, but I think just the wipe cleaned up my occasional dirty spots easy too! Behind my trash can was cleaned with little effort, Yay!


My cat Snow wasn’t sure if she liked the sound of the steam :)


With little effort not only was the dirt gone, but I did my entire kitchen in less time

Here’s a few of my favorite holiday cleaning tips:

1. Walk through your home with a visitor’s eye, making notes of any imperfections you may be used to but guests may notice, such as houseplants with dead leaves.
2. Have your family help with household chores to make it easy on everyone.
3. Clean your home the day BEFORE a party or festivity so your home is rid of cleaning products smell.
4. Straighten bedrooms; remove clutter and donate items that are cluttering your home.
5. Clean bathrooms and kitchen floors with steam to ensure dirt is removed thoroughly
6. Clean range or stove top, surfaces, and grates.
7. Clean out the refrigerator, making room for party foods; dust top of refrigerator.
8. Wipe down all large and small appliances and kitchen cabinets
9. Wash throw rugs; set aside so they are nice and fluffy for party day.
10. Vacuum your home the day of the party to ensure all small dirt items are removed from your carpet.

SwifferLogo-10-2-12This sponsored post was brought to you by Swiffer®. For a limited time, get a $15 prepaid card when you purchase a SteamBoost Steam Mop Starter Kit between 11/24/13 and 12/31/13. Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost™ combines a dirt-dissolving cleaning solution with the power of steam for a deep clean that gets messes mops can leave behind. Also be sure to like Swiffer on Facebook and follow @swiffer on Twitter.


For more Holiday ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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