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Fun Christmas Kids Activities for a Festive Season

Entry #3062, December 2, 2013

What is there to Christmas if not a season to be with your family and have quality time together? Until Christmas Eve there is tones of things to do, but don’t let it stress you out! Get your kids involved in Christmas activities in preparing Christmas cards, cookies, gifts and decorations. It is not important for all those things is not to be perfect. They just need to be made with love and fun!

gingermen wreath

Gingermen wreath

Image via: Martha Stewart

Fun Christmas Kids Activities for a Festive Season

Prepare Your Christmas Greetings

Using simple things that you already have in your house, the kids can make some great Christmas Greeting cards to send to the ones far away. Pieces of fabric and buttons, cords and ribbons, glitter, glue and painting supplies, even muffin cups can be put to use for these simple crafts. Let the kids create their own winter scape, snow men and Christmas trees the way they want.

christmas trees

Christmas tree card using muffin cups

Image via: BHG

Make Easy “Gingerbread” Houses

To make these is such fun. And they are so easy to make. Everyone can help, and if you wrap them with some clear cellophane wrap and tie it with a beautiful ribbon, they will make a great edible gift.

To make these, you will need graham crackers, frosting to use as glue (either from the store or make your own) and lots and lots of candy to decorate. Also, use a rectangle shaped cardboard to use as a base on which you will glue the base first graham cracker.

christmas houses

“Gingerbread” houses made easy

Image via: Pinterest

Christmas Cookies Decorating: A Holiday Classic

There is a reason that baking and decorating cookies in the Christmas Season is a classic. They can be delicious and so cute looking. They can be used as ornaments and decoration, gift tags, treats, presents, and even as a Centerpiece on a table. With your favorite seasonal cookie cutters and some simple decoration supplies, your kids can create their own little pieces of art. And have a great time doing it!

christmas cookies

Make some beautiful easy Christmas cookies

Image via: Pinterest

Make Crafty Snowmen

Using everyday items like buttons, corks, clay or round cut cardboard and felt, create some imaginative cute snow men that won’t melt away. You can use any round objects that you can find and that can be painted white. For the decorations use felt or other fabric you can find at home.

A cute idea is to create snow men out of white socks. Cut the top of the socks and set it the foot part aside. Tie the one end of the sock leg and fill it with rice. With a rubber band create the body and the head of the snow men. Now, tie the upper end up. Decorate the snowmen with pins, buttons, fabric, or felt. At the end, use the top of the sock you put aside to make the hat and the cute fellow is ready to play, decorate or give away.

sock snowman

Cute snowmen out of socks

Image via: Pinterest

Doing crafts and having seasonal fun is a wonderful way to get into a cheerful Christmas mood for your kids. And doing that, they will have the chance to use their imagination, get creative and make some lovely gifts for the best people in their lives all at the same time. Let us know what Christmas Kids Activities your children enjoy doing this season!

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