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New Year Resolution: Preparing your Home for the Year

Entry #3148, December 27, 2013

The New Year is approaching fast, all of us might have finished making the list of to-do things. Cleaning and updating the house will undoubtedly be on the top of our list. These things can include updating the windows, cleaning the carpets, decluttering the storeroom, and many other similar tasks. These chores need to be done though they may not be fun to do. Preparing your home for the year shouldn’t be a challenge, here’s tips to help you.

modern living room view fireplace

Is your home ready for the New Year?

Image via: Houzz

New Year Resolution: Preparing your Home for the Year

Figure out your own definition of 'clutter'.

Figure out your own definition of ‘clutter’.

Image via: Homecreat

Determine where all the clutter lies 

Decluttering is one common and easy way to update your home. However, it is necessary to figure out that how much clutter is actually ‘clutter’. You have to find out the difference between an inspired collection and a chaotic mess. To some people, a country style home filled with antique furniture pieces, accessories, heavily ornate items, sculpture, and things like that will appear to be just fine while some other will find it incredibly crammed and overcrowded. So, find out your clutter comfort point and start the cleaning work!

Prepare Your Home for Inclimate Winter Weather

December is ending but plenty of rough weather is yet to come. To prevent water leakage and cold winter air to come inside, weatherstrip the exterior windows and doors. Check the gutters and clean them thoroughly. Fix if there is any loose bits and pieces. In order to protect your appliances from thunderstorms, install surge protectors.

Check all of your temperature and air quality devices and fix them if any repair is needed. Check and test the home’s smoke and CO alarms to make sure that they are working properly. Be prepared for any bad situation irrespective of the weather condition of your area.

Go for more colors, layers, and textures if your style is maximalist.

Go for more colors, layers, and textures if your style is maximalist.

Image via: Art Interiors and More

Choose your Decoration Style: Minimalist or Maximalist?

Decide on the decoration scheme of your home. Find out which approach – maximalist or minimalist – will suit your sweet abode. If you are a lover of saturated colors, layers of textiles, and original art pieces, be sure that your style is maximalist. However, some places look better with minimalist style – neutral colors and streamlined furniture. In addition, pay attention to colors, patterns, and textures too. You have to know which colors and textures will suit your home and which ones to remove to make it look better.

So, choose the right style to make your home look gorgeous on the New Year’s Eve.

Display Momentos Proudly

The last treatment to give your home is to decorate it with things that will call up sweet and warm memories. Place some very personal things like family photos, souvenirs, memoirs, gifts, artworks of your children in places where you spend much time. They can take their place on the mantel or your bedside table, which will fill your heart with joy every morning and night.

Invoke sweet memories by displaying personal belongings.

Invoke sweet memories by displaying personal belongings.

Image via: Homedit

So, do not delay anymore! Start organizing your home from today by following these tips. Determine where you clutter lies and enjoy a cleaner and healthier home this New Year!

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