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Easy New Year’s Eve Buffet Setting Ideas

Entry #3157, December 30, 2013

Setting up a buffet for a New Year’s Eve party is in many ways easier and more casual than having a more formal dinner. It is also easier to entertain that way more guests as if they had to sit around a table. A buffet is therefore an ideal choice if you want to invite many friends over to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Although a buffet is somewhat easier, there are many things that one has to take care of. Here are a few ideas for your New Year’s Eve buffet setting.

Easy New Year’s Eve Buffet Setting Ideas

metallic hanging pom poms

Metallic hanging pom poms

Image via: Not On The High Street

Use Trolleys or Carts with Wheels

Trolleys or islands with wheels are great for buffet parties. They can be placed anywhere and they are easy to refill if needed. Also, they get out of the way real quick if you want to create more room for a fun game or dancing. There is a wide variety of trolleys for any home and the good thing that you can use them all year long. Having some kind of breaks can be a useful feature. You can find trolleys for any taste, from vintage or simple to modern and designer ones.

trolley with breads

Use trolleys to serve your foods and drinks

Image via: Rose and Grey

Make Themed Tables

If you have everything placed in one room, make themed tables and hang a cheerful banner above each one to announce what is on them. You can have different tables for cheese and fruits, for vegetables, dips and crackers, for appetizers, for party supplies, for other food and of course for the drinks and cocktails. Make sure everything is tagged nicely, so everyone knows what he can put on his plate. Making themed tables can help avoid creating crowds and lines and it can also help to keep an eye on where the most buzz is and what needs to be refilled.

dessert table with tags

Don’t forget to put tags for what you are serving

Image via: JewelBox Creative Studios

Create a Dramatic Background

If you are going to place the buffet table against a wall, than you can create some great, glitzy background decoration. Balloons, bubbles, frames or clocks are all great ideas. Choose a color theme to make the most impact.

If the buffet table is placed in the middle of the room, hanging décor from the ceiling is a good way to go. Balloons, snowflakes, disco balls, even sparkling ornaments are perfect items to hang.

ballons and clock decor

Make a festive statement with ballons and clock decor

Image via: Wants and Wishes Design

Take the Party to More than One Room

If you have the space, spread the party into different rooms, especially if you have many guests. This way you will encourage mixing and mingling and also avoid too much crowding. Choose to have one or two things in one room, for example, use the kitchen for appetizers, the dining room for deserts and the living room for drinks. Make sure to have a small number of the other foods or drinks in every room.

Use your Selves

If space is a problem, use your furniture in an unconventional way. Think about using your bookshelves, racks, cabinets, shelves or side tables for displaying foods and drinks. They can look great for the occasion if decorated appropriately.

bookself with bottles and glasses

See what furniture in your house can have practical uses for your buffet

Image via: Pottery Barn

Invite some great people over to your house to give the most cheerful welcome to the New Year. Prepare a sparkly buffet party for them and everyone will remember this year’s celebration.

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