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New Years Eve Party Ideas: Dress Up your Party Glasses

Entry #3142, December 26, 2013

One of the highlights of New Year’s Eve is certainly the popping of the Champagne bottle and drinking excellent cocktails or shots. But do you have the sparkling, glimmering glasses that suit such event? If not, don’t get out buying new ones. Just get your old plain glasses and even plastic ones and dress them up with this easy ways to make them worthy of being part of the celebrations. Look at these easy ideas for your New Years Eve Party Ideas.

gold sparkle champagne glasses

Jazz up your Champagne glasses

Image via: The Little Big Company

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Dress Up your Party Glasses

Make Sprinkle or Edible Glitter Rimmed Glasses

This is such an easy and fun way to make an impression. Just dip your glass into a little syrup, honey, icing or chocolate, depending on what you will drink with it. Then dip it into the sprinkles of your choice. Chocolate and colored sprinkles are great for kids, but take care that they are old enough not to try to bite it off. Bright colored sanding sugar or edible golden or silver glitter is a unique to way dress up Champagne flutes or cocktail glasses.

To make your own colored sugar you will need 1 cup plain white sugar and 2 drops of the food color you want. Take a jar which has a good fitting lid and pour in the sugar. Add the food coloring and close the lid. Now just shake the jar until all the sugar is colored. If needed, add some more food coloring and repeat the process. Spread the sugar onto a baking paper sheet or aluminum foil and let it dry for a few hours.

gold rimmed and ribbon

Gold edible glitter rimmed flutes

Image via: The Tomkat Studio

Beautify the Bowl of the Glass

To do that you will need glitter of choice, modge podge, paint brush and if you want stencil and tape or some painter’s tape. Clean the glasses thoroughly and make sure they are dry. You can now use the painter’s tape to wrap around the rim or stem or tape the stencil on the glass. Apply to the area you want to decorate a thin layer of modge podge and sprinkle the glitter so it will stick to the podge. Let it dry completely.

The best way to make sure that the glitter doesn’t come off is to apply one or two coats of decoupage coat. Let them dry and remove the tape and stencil if you used one.

Using the same method, you can also decorate the base of the glass.

gold glitter glasses

Gold glitter glasses

Image via: HGTV

Decorate the Wine Glass Stem

Print out some labels, use washi tape or create your own labels and wrap them around the stem. Use colors that match the rest of the décor and write season’s wishes.

For a simpler decoration, you can tie a nice ribbon around the stem or secure it with a drop of hot glue.

black label glasses

Glasses with black labels

Image via: Pinterest

It is easy to turn an ordinary item into something great and impressive. Add some party mood and a good bottle of Champagne and you are all set to have the first, fancy drink of the New Year.

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