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Unique Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies

It’s about time to make some Christmas cookies! If you have the perfect  recipe, there are a few methods to decorate your cookies, which depend on the recipe itself. Cookies that keep their shape after baking are ideal for using rolled fondant, while with cookies that lose their shape slightly it is better to use icing or coloring the dough. In any case, you can use icing, colored sugars, candy melts, chocolate and candies to decorate. Invite a few friends over to have a cookie decorating party to double the fun and have some good time.

christmas cookie snowflake and heart

Create stunning christmas cookies easy

Image via: Pinterest

Unique Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies

Using rolled fondant

Fondant is ideal to be used with sugar cookies or for making decorations like figurines to put onto the cookies. It’s easy to use. Just roll out the fondant you want thinly using a non-stick board or confectioners’ sugar to prevent sticking if needed and cut out the shapes, either using a knife or a cookie cutter. To attach the sugar paste onto the cookie, you will have to cover the cookie with a thin coat of corn syrup. By using some corn syrup as glue you can now attach any decoration. You can use more fondant or tools to add details to the fondant. Also, you can use royal icing, edible markers or any other edible decoration you can think of.

fondand decorated christmas cookies

Using fondant is one of the easiest ways make awesome cookies

Image via: Glorious Treats

Using Royal Icing

Royal Icing is a classic favorite. It is used either to glaze a cookie or to pipe it on one. To glaze a cookie you can dip it into the icing or apply it with a brush onto the surface of the cookie. Another way to decorate is to make the outline of the cookie or the part of the cookie you want to fill, by using a stiff icing and a small writing tip. After letting the outline dry, fill it with some thinner icing. While it’s still wet, you can place decorative sprinkles or sugars upon it. You can also add a few drops of another color icing or draw lines and if you want using a tooth pick make swirls. To make a garland for a Christmas tree cookie apply a base coat of green icing. After letting it dry, trace with a small writing tip the garland and immediately sprinkle colored sugar or sprinkles on the cookie. After a few moments, turn the cookie upside down to remove the excess sprinkles. The same technique can be used to make a garland on fondant.

Royal icing on christmas cookies

Glaze and pipe your icing onto the cookies

Image via: Pinterest

Using food coloring in dough

While making the cookie dough, divide it into two or more parts. Add a few drops of food coloring to the parts you want and knead it to become evenly colored. Now you can make the cookies in any way you like. A nice idea is to roll out two sheets of dough in different colors, place the one upon the other and roll the sheets. Now, with a good knife, you can cut slices which will look just great. With the right kind of wrapping, you will have a unique presented cookie. Putting the roll into the fridge for some time before cutting, may make the work easier.

Swirl christmas cookies

Use food coloring in the dough to make some unique cookies

Image via: Southern Living

Candy melts and chocolate

Candy melts come in a vast variety of colors and are great for dipping your cookies in them and create some beautiful effects. This goes also for different types of chocolate, like the dark or the white one. Drizzle patterns on the cookies, dip them halfway or use a piping tool to make shapes and fillings.

filled christmas cookies

Dip your cookies in candy melts or chocolate to give them an extra twist

Image via: Pinterest

Sugar, candy and sprinkles

Using colored sugar, sprinkles and candy is a simple way to decorate and they are perfect for little children. You can wet the cookies with some corn syrup to make the decoration stick, or use some icing as glue. There is no limit to what you can use to decorate your cookies.

Decorated christmas cookies

Decorate your cookies using candy and sugars

Image via: Midwest Living

Decorating your cookies can add fun to the whole experience of Christmas cookie baking. It’s great activity for any child, even toddlers, and for creative spirits anyway.

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