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Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Essential Winter Updates

Entry #3188, January 12, 2014

Refreshing and renovating the home is an effective way of keeping both boredom and cabin fever at bay during the winter season. Bathroom makeovers can make your home feel warm and comfortable and can help in speeding the winter months along. Bathroom renovation is also important because family members and guests use this place frequently. Check these suggestions to give your bathroom a facelift during this nippy weather.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Essential Winter Updates

bathroom ideas

Renovating your bathroom ideas – finishes, fixtures and colorful accents

Image via: Castle Harbour Homes

Change the Rug

Bath remodel ideas don’t have to be expensive, a bath rug is the first thing that your feet touch after entering the bathroom. So, it should be cozy to give you a good feel and it should be attractive to beautify the place. Dispose of your old, shaggy piece of fabric and bring an Oriental rug that will be fitting to both winter and fall decorations. These rugs tend to be colorful and their rich colors will also warm up the place. Add a rug pad too to ensure comfort and prevent slips.

Update the Walls and Windows

Many of today’s modern bathrooms are crisp and white but the thought of white during the winter season does not seem to be a warm one. Whether you use paint, tile, or wall coverings, think beyond the usual bathroom color palettes. Bring on something that will be cheering and possibly reflect the essence of holidays.  Decorate the walls and windows with removable wall snowflake decals.  Look for detailed glittering design that will reflect light. This update will not take more than just a few minutes.

modern gray bathroom tile

Update your bathroom this season with these helpful tips

Image via: John Bessler

Bath Remodel Ideas: New Bathroom Accessories

You do not have to spend much money for this update but it will greatly change the look of the bathroom. Colorful seasonal towels with embroidered snowmen or penguins are available in any departmental store. Close to the bathtub, shower, and sink, hang thick and fluffy bath towels. You can install a special towel bar for hanging decorative towels. In addition, buy new toothbrush holder, soap dish, and soap pump. These are the easiest ways of decoration that do not involve crafting.

Update the Bathing Arrangements

If you have the budget to do some expensive makeovers, change the bathtub first for one that will retain heat. Tubs made of volcanic limestone, brass, copper, or soapstone retain heat and keep hot water warm for a long time.

Another expensive winter fixture is installing a sauna or a steam shower in the bathroom. Saunas are becoming more popular day by day and taking a sauna bath on a chilly winter day will be something like heavenly. Steam shower is another luxury fix that will give you the feeling of a vacationing on a deluxe hotel. Additionally, cheer up the place with a bright and sunny shower curtain.

A striped, colorful shower curtain and brand new bathroom accessories.

A striped, colorful shower curtain and brand new bathroom accessories.

Image via: Mix and Chic

So, keep the chill away and keep your bathroom warm with these effective winter fixtures. This winter try these bathroom remodel ideas and see how your daily routine will instantly get a boost each day!

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