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Craft Supplies Organization: Creative DIY Ribbon Holders

Entry #3176, January 7, 2014

Do you have a drawer or a box full of ribbon roll and ribbon scraps, too? It can create chaos and it seems like every time you need a ribbon quick, you either can’t find the end of the one you need or you find a knot in it without having a clue how it could get there. Organizing your craft supplies helps you find what you need quickly and efficiently. Here are three easy DIY Ribbon Holders that just might be the solution to this problem.

diy ribbon holder

Organize your craft ribbon in a better way

Image via: She Paperie Blog

Craft Supplies Organization: Creative DIY Ribbon Holders

DIY Mason Jar Ribbon Holder

Mason jars are wonderful and can be used in so many different ways. One way is to hold your ribbons or yarn. Just make one or more holes in the lid and put some ribbons in the jar. Take one end of the ribbon and push it through the hole. If you want, you can decorate the jar. And that’s it!

ribbons in mason jar

Use mason jars to hold your ribbons

Image via: Craft Ideas

Simple DIY Ribbon Dispenser

All you need to implement this simple yet practical idea is a plastic storage box or bin with holes. Choose a size that will be able to hold all your rolls. Also, you will need some wooden dowels that are a little longer than the wide side of the bin. Be careful to get dowels that will fit through the bin’s holes. Now, slip some ribbon rolls onto the dowels. Next, slip the dowels through the bin’s holes. Lastly, pull one end of each ribbon through a hole so they are ready to be used. Done!

easy ribbon dispenser

Make an easy and inexpensive ribbon dispenser

Image via: Spunky Junky

DIY Ribbon Dispenser Box

To make these practical boxes, you will need

  • A cardboard box like a shoebox
  • A utility knife or a perforator or grommets with a grommet kid
  • Some thumbtacks
  • Wooden dowels

If you will put big ribbon rolls into the box, use the knife or the perforator to make one hole into each short side of the box. For a better result, attach the grommets. If you will store smaller ribbon rolls, check if you can put two lines of rolls into the box. If so, make two holes but take care to have enough space.

Cut a dowel as long as the box is. Slip your ribbon rolls on it and slide the dowel through the two holes. Secure the ends with thumbtack if needed. On one or both long sides of the box – depending on how many dowels you will use – cut some slits or holes. Attach grommets to the holes. Pull one end of the ribbons through the slits or holes and your ribbon dispenser box is ready to be used!

ribbon dispenser

No more ribbon chaos with this organizer

Image via: Martha Stewart

There you have it: No more ribbon chaos! Note that these ideas are also great for organizing yarns, twines or even cables, too! Do you have creative ribbon container ideas? We’d love to hear how you keep your craft room supplies tidy and organized.

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